The Ministry of Tomorrow: Fashion With a Humanitarian Passion

Today, The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) launched its newest public service fashion film entitled “Súton.” The title “Súton” of the public service video means twilight or the approach of death or the end of something. The Ministry of Tomorrow’s founder and president, Julian Prolman, partnered with Britain’s extraterrestrial fashion film maker Roger Spy to produce “Súton”.

Prolman’s explaination of the video states: “We are saying there is a better way through ethical fashion.  Society has been conditioned to accept as normal, commercial products where people, wildlife and the planet have been harmed in the process of making goods. Súton is defined the end of an era, the end of something. The beginning of an entire new way of commerce. This philosophy embodies the core of our company ethos. The Ministry of Tomorrow products represent an alternative to the status quo.”

The “Súton” video is very dramatic with graphic and unsettling imagery. At first I was not sure what I was watching or the purpose behind the video till I got through the whole video. “Súton” was designed to portray the current state of human consciousness under the influence of mental slavery and rekindle the belief that humans can break free to improve the condition of the world. Per The Ministry of Tomorrow, “Súton” will be part of a series of public service videos promoting fashion business, advocating for sustainability and conscientious choices that benefit humanity and the planet.

Below is the “Súton” video released today:

I think this is a great initiative and will post on Hi-Tech Chic their new videos from the series as soon as they are live. For more information about MOT click here.


About The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT)

The Ministry of Tomorrow is a luxury fashion brand that supports important environmental and social developments around the world. Founded in 2011, MOT designs bags and accessories and produces them in facilities that provide fair wage jobs in impoverished communities. They are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and is a for-profit social enterprise that designs and produces high-quality, eco-luxury, vegan accessories and garments and markets direct to consumers at

Source: The Ministry of Tomorrow