Sephora’s Beauty Insider and App: The Must Have for Beauty on a Budget

Sephora has been a go-to when it comes to make-up, fragrances, beauty tools and beauty tips but they offer so much more, especially if you are already an established shopper! If you shop at Sephora even if it’s only a couple times a year here are a few things you should either sign up for or know what all Sephora offers and believe you me it’s impressive!

Beauty Insider

Becoming a Beauty Insider allows you to accumulate points with each purchase that eventually adds up to free samples they currently have for that season. That’s not all you get by becoming a Beauty Insider member below is a chart of the benefits.Beauty Insider Community

Once you become a Beauty Insider it is key to join the Beauty Insider Online Community. This is where you can have beauty discussions, ask questions, post photos and reviews, share experiences and connect with other Beauty Insider members.

Sephora’s Four Main Components of the Beauty Insider Community include:

  • The Profile: This is your Sephora home base and it is a comprised of four tabs listed below.
    • The first tab is mostly public, with some private content where denoted. It serves as your introduction to the Community. It is where you can keep track of, and others can see your Community activity.
    • The other 3 tabs are completely private, and only you will be able to see this information:
      • The “Beauty Insider” tab is where you can keep track of all of your Beauty Insider Information.
      • The “Lists” tab is where you can access the products you’ve loved on the site and also past purchases.
      • The “Account” tab is where you can access all of your Sephora account information.
  • Conversations: This is where you can ask questions, get advice, and talk about all things beauty with other Beauty Insider member.
  • Groups: This is where you can find topics and people who share your interests. Sephora has over 40 Groups to choose from. “Joining” a Group enables you to filter the many conversations happening in the Community by the specific topics. Note: You do not need to be a member of a group to view the content or start a conversation in that specific group, but you must be a member to get notified when a new conversation is started in that group.
  • Gallery: This is where you can post photos of your beauty looks and the photos are tagged with products so you can see what was used to create that look.

Sephora App

When you download the Sephora app you will receive exclusive offers and app exclusive offers of value sets before anyone else who does not have the app. Below are the benefits of downloading the Sephora App.There are also several other beauty deals from Sephora like free samples and beauty offers. For more information on free samples from Sephora click here. To get the latest beauty offers from Sephora click here.

Lastly I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the Sephora store in San Francisco at Union Square! In August I had my forth seizure and I landed face first on concrete while walking my puppy early in the morning. The massive amount of bruising (not only my face but my entire right side of my body) was more than I have experienced from previous seizures. I normally do not wear foundation, powder or concealers daily so I was lost how I could possibly cover it up. When I walked into the store I immediately asked for help to find a concealer or how to conceal all the bruises. The staff actually sat me down at one of their beauty booths and went to work. This is the before and after the Sephora staff did my makeup.

Not only did they sell me product but at a time in my life where I felt so vulnerable looks wise they made me feel pretty again. Thank you Sephora San Francisco Union Square staff! For more information about Sephora click here.


Source: Sephora