The 2018 Spring Gift Guide for Moms, Dad and Grads

It’s insane to realize Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation seasons are just around the corner. To make your Mom’s, Dad’s and Grad’s gift buying easier we made a gift guide. The gift guide will include an assortment of unique ideas for both men and woman plus we included the price for each product.

Boy Smell’s Candles:

Boy Smells candles are a proprietary blend of coconut oil and beeswax. The pricing for these unique candles start at $29.00 and can be purchased here:

Trollbeads Mamma Mia Collection: 

Trollbeads is the original, high quality bead-on-bracelet brand with hundreds of beautiful beads to pick and choose from therefore each is a personalized work of art. This is a Limited Edition release for Mother’s Day 2018. Limited Editions are rare or unique beads which are only released in very small quantities.

They also just launched their first Trollbead for Father’s day! The Mama Mia bead retails for $45.00 and can be purchased here:

Sephora Rollerballs and Travel Sprays:

Perfume Rollerballs and Travel size scents are not just for women anymore. Sephora has several different male scents and if you’re shopping for someone who travels this is a great solution to not take an entire bottle of cologne. To check out Sephora’s men’s sprays and rollerballs click here.

Sophie the Giraffe by the So’pure® collection:

For new Mom’s or Dad’s this will maybe help you get through the teething stage of your new born. The So’pure® collection offers products made from100% organic cotton, corn fibre and 100% natural rubber. They have several gift options to choose from, not just teething rings. Their products start at $12 and can be purchased here:

Alvy Luxe:

I always love getting clothes as gifts. Alvy Luxe offers a broad range of affordable dresses, tops, bottoms, bodysuits, jumpsuits and two-piece outfit sets.  Choose from the brand’s more casual items or their mesh, chiffon and crepe and heavy embellished styles for more formal events. Their product have a various amount of ranges so to check out their clothing options please visit:

MirrorCast Media:

This is PERFECT for the sports fan in your life! MirrorCast Media uses MirrorProjection® technology that sends all video and audio wirelessly from your phone directly to your TV, essentially turning your phone into a wireless home-theater system Currently they have 50% Off the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE that includes 2x MirrorCast Media Devices for $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING when you order. To order or learn more click here.

Upspring 911:

Upspring 911 is a portable USB charger, LED flashlight, and solar-powered or hand crank powered radio. This not only is a cool Father’s Day gift but also for those graduating and heading to the University dorm life. Given the natural disasters we have had as a nation this is a very practical and smart gift for only $91.00 currently. To purchase or learn more about this product please visit:

Ketra Smart Home Lighting:

Ketra, the LED lighting manufacturer and known for their accurate Natural Light, has just launched its smart home capabilities that are now available with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Crestron, and Lutron. Pricing varies on the different Ketra products so I suggest visiting their site located here:

Heron Preston: backpack in nylon with orange belt at front. Blue suede trim throughout. Carry handle at top. Twin adjustable shoulder straps. Retails for $942 and available now here:

We hope you all have a great Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Graduation celebration. Keep checking back for post on SXSW 2018!


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