Madonna’s The Celebration Tour Merchandise with Jean Paul Gaultier & Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) Uplifts Communities in Africa

In May 2024, Madonna ended her twelfth concert tour, the Celebration Tour, with a free concert on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach. The Celebration Tour not only brought Madonna fans together but also generated proceeds to uplift communities in Africa.

Madonna has helped support charitable endeavors in Kenya and Malawi through the sale of sustainably produced designer fashion items at her concerts. She collaborated with renowned fashion visionary Jean Paul Gaultier and acclaimed artist and social-entrepreneur Julian Prolman, president of Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT), for limited-edition merchandise.

The proceeds generated from the limited-edition, certified organic cotton and Fair-Trade merchandise have been directed towards supporting the Chema Vision Children’s Center in Kibera, Kenya – a beacon of hope for some of Kibera’s most vulnerable youth. Kibera, located in Nairobi, Kenya is Africa’s largest urban slum. Additionally, contributions have been made to Raising Malawi, further extending the impact of this meaningful collaboration to touch lives beyond borders.

The partnerships between Madonna, Jean Paul Gaultier and Julian Prolman is a historic milestone at the nexus of celebrity power, philanthropy, and sustainable fashion. The exclusive collection created for the Celebration Tour swiftly became a coveted collector’s item and sold out in record time. The one of the collection pieces included Madonna x JPG Blond Ambition Tee and where Net proceeds from the sales will be contributed to @RaisingMalawi.

Developed by Ministry of Tomorrow for The Celebration Tour, the Celebration Tour Tan Charity Tote Bag features artwork by Julian Prolman aka the Great White Buffalo featured on the front along with signature charm. Proceeds from sales will be donated to Raising Malawi and the Ministry of Tomorrow’s Chema Vision Children’s Center in Kibera Kenya.

The eco T-shirts and bags exemplified a visionary approach to creation, meticulously considering every aspect of the supply chain to uphold the well-being of nature, animals, and humanity alike, showcasing how it’s possible to prioritize ethical sourcing, environmental preservation, and social responsibility in fashion production—a model that sets a new benchmark for the concert merchandise industry at large.

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About The Chema Vision Children’s Center 

The Chema Vision Children’s Center in Kibera, Kenya, offers vital support and education to some of the community’s most vulnerable children, ensuring more than 200 youngsters receive nutritious meals and quality education. More info at

About Raising Malawi 

Raising Malawi is dedicated to improving the lives of children in Malawi, supporting education, healthcare, and community development initiatives to create lasting impact and opportunities for the country’s youth. More info at  

About Ministry of Tomorrow

Ministry of Tomorrow is a social enterprise at the forefront of sustainable fashion, producing luxury organic and vegan bags with a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. More info at


Source: Madonna, Ministry of Tomorrow, Raising Malawi, Chema Vision Children’s Center, Jean Paul Gaultier, Julian Prolman

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