National LGBTQ Task Force Announces New Partnership with Madonna’s Ray of Light Foundation to Grow Violence Prevention Work

Currently and especially after the Pulse shooting gun violence has become a deadly epidemic in LGBTQ communities across the United States. Gun violence and human rights were also a massive topic throughout the Democratic Debate for the 2020 Presidential Election. It’s a sad fact that LGBTQ people and children no longer feel safe entering our schools, the movies, church and attending something beautiful like the Pride parades. The National LGBTQ Task Force has announced a new partnership with Madonna’s Ray of Light Foundation to grow violence prevention work.

The Ray of Light Foundation supports organizations around the world working to promote peace, equal rights and education for all. The Ray of Light foundation supports Madonna’s Art for Freedom initiative, which encourages creative expression that brings awareness about human rights violations. In the past, Madonna has worked with the LGBTQ Task Force on the #BeYou campaign so this partnership is another great initiative to help the LGBTQ communities throughout the United States. With donations to both foundations, it will help fund the work on ending gun violence.  

As stated on the LGBTQ Task Force site “The Task Force works to create the spaces and conditions for LGBTQ people to live free. In order for the Task Force to move towards a day when we can be all of ourselves, all of the time, we must eradicate violence, including gun violence.”

Furthermore, “LGBTQ people, particularly Black transgender women, have a higher risk of violent death, which is related to anti-LGBTQ stigma and discrimination. The Pulse shooting in 2016 focused attention on violent bigotry against LGBTQ people. At the same time, there is so much more to the epidemic than mass murders. There are murders by the police, there are murders related to domestic violence, and the murders of sex workers. Violence against trans women of color is devastating our community.”

If you listened to the Democratic Debate “Gun Violence” and Humanity efforts to build a safer country were hot topics last night. It will be interesting to see the 2020 Presidential Candidates plans on how to end gun violence and LGBTQ violence across the United States.

Join Madonna and donate to support LGBTQ Task Force’s gun violence prevention work today! All donations will be matched dollar for dollar through the end of the month. To donate please click here.

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Source: National LGBTQ Task Force, Ray of Light