Amaru Lopez Watches Launches New Kickstarter Campaign

Amaru Lopez Watches believes each high-precision timepiece tells a story and brings to life an emotional history that the owner can identify with. They have created two elegant watch lines and have just launched a Kickstarter campaign. The two designs, Madera and Mannequin, were created for elite, fashion-forward leaders who understand that both quality and time. The Amaru Lopez watches offer two types of movements automatic and quartz. Below are the specifications for both Amaru Lopez watches.

Madera Line:

The Madera watch sports a mahogany frame. Each one is refined by hand, sanded and polished to mimic the graceful form and elegant structure of classic Riva boats. The Madera Line features premium Italian leather straps and dials with a repeated embossed pattern related to the form of the Riva Boat.

Mannequin Line:

This style was inspired by the beautiful arrangement of wings on an eagle. Drawing additional inspiration from the fashion industry, the Mannequin line was conceptualized with the help of designers and craftsmen with decades of experience. As a thoughtful touch, the automatic style of this line includes an open case back with a cover that can be lifted to show the heart of the watch.

The first buyers of each collection (limited 0-100) will receive a unique, limited edition Amaru Lopez with their own signature on the watch. They have produced 999 limited edition Madera boxes with the model Riva boat. This box will only be produced once.

Amaru Lopez has officially launched on Kickstarter with a $28,389 goal with 33 days to go and $341.00 backed thus far. The early bird special on Kickstarter for the Mannequin or Madera watch starts at $340.00 USD. For additional information about Amaru Lopez, visit the campaign page at


Source: Amaru Lopez, Kickstarter