HURU: The Premium Quality, Expandable and Water-Resistant Backpack

Today HURU, the all-weather city and travel backpack, was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000 goal to be accomplished in 34 days.

The HURU backpack is constructed using premium materials that include army-approved, water-resistant Cordura fabric; YKK zippers; and custom steel stoppers and fasteners which sets it apart from other backpacks on the market. All of HURU backpacks are handmade and every backpack is manually checked for defects. The HURU also has more features than most all-weather city and travel backpacks like secret pockets and a heat insulating compartment.

Below is a list of main features of the HURU backpack.

  • The belt, which can be transformed into a detachable waist bag
  • HURU is water-resistant
  • Water-resistant hood stored in the backpack
  • HURU backpack opens like a suitcase
  • HURU’s capacity is 24 liters and it is expandable to 40 liters.
  • HURU fits into the hand luggage compartment on the airplane
  • A lateral stiffness plastic base is installed in the backpack’s rear section to spread the load across the whole back.
  • Each strap has a secret pocket for keys, bank cards or an ID card.
  • HURU has two extra compartments: one for a 15 inch laptop and a smaller one for a book, a tablet, or some documents. T
  • A separate roll-up compartment where you can store items up to 20.6 inches (53 cm high)
  • There is a special heat insulating compartment to store drinks.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Their Kickstarter campaign Super Early Bird packages start at $249.00 and include the HURU backpack with built-in waist bag. In addition, 100 early birds who give a $274 donation will get 21% off the retail price, all other Kickstarter fans will get the backpack for $299, which is 14% off the retail price. A set of two backpacks will cost $519, a set of ten backpacks will cost $2399.

The first shipments of the HURU backpack for super early birds will take place in November 2017, before production ends, and the remaining backpacks are shipped to all backers in February 2018.

HURU currently needs $6285.00 pledged over the next 34 days for them to make their Kickstarter Goal of $15,000. To pledge or to purchase one of the Kickstarter packages click here. To learn more about HURU click here.

I’m hoping to get a HURU sample to review so keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic for the official product review.


HURU backpack story:

HURU was launched by Oleg Vlasenko, a serial entrepreneur, who has created several successful businesses in the healthcare and IT sectors. Oleg does a lot of travelling, both for business and pleasure, and has tried plenty of backpacks, but they never quite satisfied him. Some didn’t have the functionality he needed, some weren’t very stylish, others were made of low quality materials. That’s why he decided to create HURU.

Oleg gathered together a team of like-minded people, including Kirill Kulik who has 20 years’ experience of running garment manufacturers and Vitaly Bytchenok who was a clothes designer for fashion houses. They have worked alongside orthopaedists on this project to create a backpack that will be as light and low-impact for the spine and body as possible.

Source: Kickstarter, HURU