The HYBRID JACKET 2.0 by Neckpacker Launches on Kickstarter

Neckpacker’s latest generation travel jacket, the HYBRID JACKET 2.0, has just launched on Kickstarter. The jacket is designed to help solve the physical discomfort that comes with modern travel and its innovative design combines a sleek comfortable shape with supreme functionality.

Here’s the HYBRID JACKET 2.0 at a glance:

•         Newly engineered inflatable inner hood (inflates into a perfect neck pillow)
•         Unique 4-strap system for a custom fit
•         8 specialized pockets that easily carry all your gear
•         Built-in privacy hood for quiet naps

Neckpacker’s “travel jacket” has a patented hood system that cradles your neck whether you’re just resting or full-on sleeping in an upright position. The jacket’s specially designed Inflatable inner hood and unique 4 strap-system that helps you to find your hood-fit make it easier to rest on the go.

The hood shade, made from soft, breathable fabric, also encourages sleep by blocking out all light pollution and affording a little extra privacy in crowded public spaces.

Its eight versatile pockets allow you to store all your travel essentials, including iPads, notebooks, passports, food and more. This indoor/outdoor jacket that can be worn in the city or out in the wilderness due to its innovative breathable and waterproof light-weight material.

The HYBRID JACKET 2.0 Kickstarter campaign’s goal is $40,000 with the early bird special of $129.00 for their all-black jacket. To back their campaign please visit:

To find out more about Neckpacker please visit:

About Neckpacker

Neckpacker was founded in 2013 by Niklas Kuusela. It develops and sells patented travel jackets and vests designed to make travel as comfortable and pain-free as possible. To date, the company has raised over $100,000 and sold its jackets in over 60 countries worldwide.


Source: Neckpacker, Kickstarter