Introducing Olly the Home Robot by Emotech

This week Olly by Emotech launched their Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $100,000 to accomplish over the next month. Olly is the first home robot with personality designed to do more than simply respond to commands. Olly actually uses advanced machine learning technology to remember your habits and proactively assist with your day-to-day routine.

Olly is a unique brain-inspired AI system created by Emotech that can understand emotion and adapt to your home environment. Olly understands your facial expressions, vocal intonations, and verbal patterns. Olly can also see and will proactively start a conversation rather than just reacting to a command.

Per Olly by Emotech’s site, Olly communicates with you using a custom built circular LED display with a design language that is as visually unique yet understandable due to its shared core patterns. This cutting edge technology also recognizes people through visual and audio detection/by voice and by image. The two combined techniques work together to improve recognition rates.

While at CES Unveiled 2017 I met Olly and got to learn more about it from the Olly staff. Below is the video of my introduction to Olly from CES Unveiled 2017:

Olly’s Indiegogo Campaign has currently raised $42,941 which is 43% of their goal. Their lowest early bird package starts at $449 USD and includes the Olly Robot, Cable/ Adapter (International), Free Emotech Software Upgrades, and User Manual with a shipping date of March 2018.

I think all these are cool features but definitely something the regular consumer would have to get used to. I know that I would be a tad startled of technology at my home starting a conversation with me at first.

To back Olly’s Indiegogo or to purchase one of their packages on Indiegogo click here.


About Emotech:

As the proud parents of Olly, Emotech believes the more human the technology the better a relationship between the two can be. Their team is made up of an incredibly diverse and talented group of people. They bring the best talent from AI, Neuroscience, Engineering, Robotics, Design and Animation that all breathe life in to their robot. Together, they want to build things we can truly connect with and understand us.

They believe their products must be built from an empathetic point of view, create evolving relationships with the audience and produce innovative new ways of interaction with our surroundings. For more information on Emotech click here.

Source: Olly by Emotech, Indiegogo Campaign