Cosmo Connected New Vision Smart Glasses Now Available for Pre-order

During CES Unveiled, Cosmo Connected, the French start-up in connected safety dedicated to new mobilities, revealed the Cosmo Vision Smart Glasses. Now available for pre-order, the smart glasses feature a head-up display with ActiveLook® technology, which does not obstruct the field of vision. Focusing on cutting-edge technology for cyclists and users of new forms of mobility, the smart glasses allow users to take their eyes off the road safely.

They feature a real-time data display on the right lens of the glasses for GPS, speed, distance, and time plus visible information can be personalized according to the profile and objectives! Cosmo Vision glasses adapt to all morphologies with their adjustable nose-pads and adjustable temples.

Cosmo Vision is dust and rain-resistant and is wearable in all weather conditions. The photochromic lenses (category 1-3) automatically adapt to the ambient light, allowing for use in summer and winter. The space between the lens and frame optimizes the flow of air to prevent fogging.

The Cosmo Connected app allows you to personalize your display and define the screens you want to visualize. Depending on your usage (route tracking, cycling), you can choose among the available data: GPS navigation, speed, distance, time… If you have a Cosmo Ride, the glasses allow you to know the status of your light modes (turn signals, position light, and more). A gesture sensor above the left lens allows you to scroll your data with a simple movement of the hand.


  • Head-up display to keep your eyes on the road
  • Instant turn signal display compatible with the Cosmo Ride connected light
  • GPS navigation is integrated into the glasses to guide you and keep you focused on the road Performance tracking : time, speed, distance…
  • Gesture sensor to scroll screens with a simple hand movement
  • Ultra-light (40 grams) with an autonomy of 12 hours

The Cosmo Vision smart glasses are $569.00 USD/ €489 and are available for pre-order here:

About Cosmo Connected

Cosmo Connected is a French start-up founded in 2015 whose mission is to secure all people in mobility (users of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and e-scooters). Cosmo Connected has developed a unique technology, combining hardware and software, ensuring visibility and security for the urban commuter in mobility. Our product ecosystem includes smart lights, augmented visualization systems, and a set of connected services accessible from our application.


Source: Cosmo Connected