CES 2018 Update

The New Year always brings new technology and innovation annually at CES. Barely into the New Year the below News Releases have already been posted on CES 2018 happening from January 9th through January 12th.The list is long and ever-changing. I suggest checking back on their news page located here: https://www.ces.tech/Media/News.

As CES game day is about to approach here are some key updates and reminders while planning your CES agenda. Below are the current topics; to view the entire list click here. It’s best to pick up your badge at the airport, even if the lines seem long just do it! Here is the full list of pick up locations in case you aren’t able to pick it up at the airport: https://www.ces.tech/Logistics/Badge-Pick-Up-and-Registration-Locations.

The traffic obstacle of CES is unavoidable unless you have a body double waiting in the taxi lines. You can use Uber there but some hotels frown upon it. Always give yourself 30 minutes between events if the venue is within your hotel if not an hour is the best to bank on.

This year Hi-Tech Chic’s focus is A.I., Robotics, Smart Cities and Smart Vehicles. We will also seek out wearable fashion-forward technology and lifestyle beauty brands trending for the upcoming year. Most of my time will be spent at the below CES events:

  • CES Media Days
  • CES Unveiled
  • Pepcom’s Digital Experience
  • IFA Media Reception
  • Showstoppers

I will also spend a day at the Sand’s Expo at the Venetian if you can’t catch me at the above. The best way to locate me during CES will be via twitter handles: @nrpena and @hitechchic. I will also be doing LIVE broadcasting (when allowed) on my twitter and youtube account.

See all you guys at CES 2018!! Can’t Wait!!!


Source: CES