MOT MAG Vol II Release: Exclusive Stories with Stella McCartney and Roger Spy

Today, Ministry of Tomorrow, the publisher of vegan lifestyle magazine MOT MAG, released their MOT MAG Vol II. One of the exclusive stories include ‘Stella McCartney’s Reign as Queen of Sustainable High Fashion.” Stella McCartney’s product line is the world’s first and only vegetarian luxury brand.

Their belief is that any animal shouldn’t give their life for the sake of fashion. Stella’s product lines do not use and have never used leather, skins, feathers or fur in any of their products, collaborations or licensed products.

Also included in the MOT MAG Volume II is a profile on Britain’s fashion film maker Roger Spy accompanied by a short fashion campaign video entitled “Suton” to bring awareness about the current state of the world. The word “Suton” is an interesting title considering it translates to the end of something. Per Roger Spy, “It’s a protest film. It’s my reaction to the state of the world and my message with it is to break barriers, racial and social and that everyone can elevate themselves and overcome obstacles and become superman!”

The MOT MAG Vol II has also confirmed the magazine will also include articles on Matthew Kenney’s growing empire of raw haute cuisine academies, a Q&A with radical feminist Madam Gandhi sharing her insights on feminism and music, an interview with Nathan Runkle of Mercy for Animals, as well as a story on the emerging insidious practice of paying online trolls to disseminate misinformation and an article on the metaphysical reality of emotional energies imprinted between human beings through intimacy.

Julian Prolman, publisher of MOT MAG and founder and president of The Ministry of Tomorrow, states “We are aiming to deliver a rich editorial experience in the spheres of sustainable luxury fashion, plant based dining, societal issues and vivid insights on higher consciousness and a discovery of new world music.”

Though our current president doesn’t think there is a global warming problem or our planet is in jeopardy of mass pollution starting with the great trash dump in the pacific. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NGOs such as PETA have has stated the meat and leather industry is one of the most environmentally damaging in the world. The climate impact alone is staggering – meat and leather production is responsible for 18% of all manmade greenhouse gases in the world, with a single cow emitting 19.3 pounds/8.75kg of methane annually. Compare this to transportation, which only accounts for 13% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

I’m not alone when I say it’s time for human kind to do their part to preserve planet Earth. Maybe going vegan or vegetarian is not for some people but think of other ways you can help the planet. For more information on the current global health topics please visit the WHO website located here:

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About the Ministry of Tomorrow

The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT), headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is a for-profit social enterprise that designs and produces high-quality, eco-luxury, vegan accessories and garments and markets direct to consumers at The purchase of MOT products enables sustainable development by providing income generating opportunities for people in marginalized places of the world. MOT represents a new frontier for a way of doing business based on love for all and the notion of responsible commerce.


Source: MOT MAG, WHO, Ministry of Tomorrow