FoodFaves “Crave Quiz” Algorithm Update and New Foodie Features on the App

Let’s face it, we all have food cravings and with smartphones we have the opportunity to check out pictures of local restaurants dishes before even walking in the restaurant. For years most people would go to Yelp but there is a new and updated foodie app you all should check out. The FoodFaves App just launched its first major update on the app store and it is said that it’s better at pinpointing what users’ taste buds want. FoodFaves’ Crave Quiz feature enables users to swipe left or right through food pics to gauge likes and dislikes and recommend nearby food.

According to FoodFaves founder, Sydney Epstein, “Swipe left on a hamburger, and now, instead of the Crave Quiz thinking you don’t like burgers, in general, you will still see pictures of a turkey burger or a veggie burger pop up in your swipe feed. Our algorithm is now much more precise and nuanced; closer to how a human being thinks.”

The new features and updates for the FoodFaves App are listed below with their full description on each function.

  • Peek and Pop feature allows users, when scrolling through the app’s main Discover Feed, to press on an image and have that image temporarily pop up with its food and location info. Let go, and the image falls right back into place in the discover feed; you can take a closer peek at a picture with no commitment of leaving the main food discover feed.
  • New Menu Shortcut is now accessed right from your phone’s home screen. Hard press on the FoodFaves icon on your phone’s home screen and instant menu shortcuts appear, including: Camera, Nearby Food, Crave Quiz and Share FoodFaves (on social media).
  • Push Notifications. Foodies translate into food influencers on FoodFaves by posting and tagging pictures of their food/restaurant experiences for other users to follow. Now users will get push notifications alerting them each time they gain a new follower.

If you are a restaurant owner and want to be part of the FoodFaves community click here for more information and to register. To download the FoodFaves App please visit: For more information about FoodFaves please visit their website located here:


About FoodFaves App:

The FoodFaves App allows users to thumb through pictures of your favorite dishes, or faved pictures people share with you.  Scroll through your favorite restaurants and menus, or take the CraveQuiz and let FoodFaves suggest the perfect nearby dish based on your personal preferences. FoodFaves is your personal portal to the foodie community.  Users can share pictures with followers, while discovering new dishes and treats from others in the FoodFaves community.

Source: FoodFaves App