Zen Running Club Launches ZR 01 Eco-Friendly Vegan Running Shoe

Zen Running Club the brand that offers high-performing running shoes without damaging the planet, has launched their new ZR 01 running shoe. Zen Running Club‘s plant-based, vegan-approved running shoes are for runners who love to run and want to leave behind more than just a footprint.

The ZR 01 is a lightweight, cushioned and responsive running shoe constructed with a sock-fit upper for superior comfort, and built on a rocker midsole, versatile enough to propel you forward as you run long marathons. Moulded, woven and assembled using water-based glues and dyes; the selection of earth-tones colors reflects the environment it works to protect.

Inspired by the earth, the founders are committed to replacing synthetic materials with plant-based products whenever possible. Made from sustainable sugarcane and tree fibers and 100% vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society, the ZR 01 is a shoe that leaves a small footprint and takes a giant leap forward.

Currently, finding sustainable running shoes meant making a compromise on performance, style, and price. But the new ZR 01 is engineered to be light, fast, and responsive, with a stacked rocker midsole that helps propel you forward as you run. And, it has a clean, minimalist aesthetic that can be styled however you like, for whatever you’re doing.

Discover the Zen Running Club ZR 01 style here.

About Zen Running Club

Zen Running Club began when three running shoe industry insiders asked themselves: “If the biggest brands were starting out today, what would they do differently?” The founders of Zen Running Club – Richard Rusling, Andy Farnworth, and Dominic Sinnott – come from within the sportswear and fashion industry, where they created products and stories for powerhouses like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Zen Running Club was their next logical step, allowing them to build a brand that captures what it means to be a modern runner: not one who follows the pack but, rather, someone who enjoys moving freely through the landscape

Zen Running Club is on a mission to run a better life. They share their consumer’s spirit and passion for the planet, enjoying nature and sustainable living. Zen Running Club continues to push the boundaries of running shoes and apparel through innovation, style and cutting-edge sustainable technologies. Their aim is to fill a responsible lifestyle. To learn more please visit: https://zenrunningclub.com/en-us.


Source: Zen Running Club