Apparis Vegan Fashion Brand Launches Doux Knit Collection

With Spring in the air, vegan fashion brand, APPARIS, launched their DOUX Knit Collection which features wardrobe staples offered in essential neutrals with an addition of vibrant Orchid hues. Made to be a versatile collection, DOUX Knit is a responsible animal-free alternative to cashmere that never compromises on quality while

The Doux Knit Collection features new branding and sizes, the garments are crafted with recycled viscose yarn, non-toxic dye, and a special spinning process for elasticity. They are non-allergenic, breathable, easy to style, and timeless. Each piece is versatile, soft, and offers just the right amount of stretch, making them essential layering items.

The sustainable 2024 DOUX Knit collection was made in a factory that’s part of a centralized laundering plan. The initiative is a partnership between dyeing and laundering factories, designed to reduce water pollution and treat polluted water for reuse.

The expertly crafted modern cuts are made to be loved and lived in. Breathing a new life into knitwear, APPARIS invites you to “DOUX it your way.”

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About Apparis:

Apparis, the vegan fashion brand best known for its bold and colorful faux fur coats, has quickly grown a cult following for their high quality, high fashion, and cruelty-free outerwear. The label is now available at over 500 stores in the US and in 20 countries, and recently expanded to include vegan leather, vegan knitwear, accessories, and homewear.

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Source: Apparis