Eve & Max Introduces Blue Inferno Collection During Fashion Week

During Fashion Week, Eve & Max’s founder Maxine Morgan Trowbridge, and co-creative director Samudra Hartanto, present their second seasonless collection. The Collection Twenty-Three is comprised of twelve looks, featuring Zeke Williams’ digital artwork, Blue Inferno, as a limited-edition print on silk charmeuse.

The Blue Inferno collection was created from an original painting of acrylic on canvas, representing abstracted florals made from stencils and spray paint. The elegant florals and spray paint splatter in Blue Inferno expose the use of spray paint as a reference to ocean spray and the ocean’s turbulence, overlayed with the fragility of nature through floral abstraction. Blue Inferno represents an artistic conversation that embodies the delicacy of nature yet transcends as a powerful force, acknowledging that the ocean, much like a flower, is as delicate as it is powerful.

The original painting, composed of acrylic and spray paint, was exhibited at the Erin Cluley Gallery in 2016 from his body of work, titled Flagrant. In this exhibition, Zeke explored his interest in color, forms found in nature, and the use of technology in creating an image. The mural-sized works featured the chaotic use of blue and red hues interacting with silver spray patterns created from modified nozzles of archival paint made by the Montana Company for graffiti artists.

Layering his process, Zeke also merged stenciled designs of botanical forms and images taken from his explorative photographs. Today his reference to technology and use of spray creates a new iteration of this work, purely in the form of digital design, yet embellishing the combination of nature as a symbolic print

With philanthropy in mind, a portion of sales from the collection will benefit Mission Blue. Founded by legendary oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue unites a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas known as Hope Spots.

To shop the Blue Inferno Collection please visit: https://www.eveandmax.com/collections/blue-inferno.

About Eve & Max

Founded in 2020 with an ethos to reimagine the lifecycle of fashion and embark on a journey towards a sustainable business, Eve & Max is a conscious women’s ready-to-wear collection designed with the belief that style should be ethical, beautiful, and artful. Existing at the intersection of contemporary art and fashion, Eve & Max features artistic collaborations as part of every collection’s inherent legacy.

Eve & Max presents one seasonless collection yearly. Their goal is to empower the client to disrupt the traditional shopping cycle and take a holistic approach to luxury fashion, sustainable style and wardrobe curation. Their limited-edition print pieces, designed cohesively with contemporary artists, reinforce their belief that fashion is a work of living art and fashion expression and should be thoughtfully curated and acquired like a life-long art collection. To learn more please visit: https://www.eveandmax.com/.


Source: Eve & Max