AVRE Reveals New Colorways for the Holidays

AVRE, the sustainable footwear brand, is offering new colorways just in time for the holidays with the new Infinity Glide and Swift Icon in Off White Cream! With upgraded insoles, these eco-friendly shoes offer comfort without compromising style AND your carbon footprint.

The LA-based women’s footwear brand was created based around the message of sustainability and women empowerment. Each AVRE shoe is knitted with fibers created from recycled P.E.T plastic from 8-10 water bottles through Repreve, the same manufacturer as Rothy’s. After the shoes are created, they are tested and verified with Unifi—one of the largest well known sustainable verification companies. By using recycled threads, the brand is able to aid in protecting the ocean, decrease waste in landfills, and assist in improving air quality.

  • Eco- friendly: Knit upper specifically made using verifiable REPREVE® recycled polyester Yarn by UNIFI® made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles. REPREVE® is one of the most certified, traceable fibers available in the world.
  • U Trust verification: Transparent and Traceable. FIBERPRINT® technology.
  • The new insoles create a cleaner environment through repurposing harmful algae from waterways and filtering water back to its original source reversing the effects of water pollution and rising global temperatures by restoring healthy ecosystems.
  • With one insole alone, the brand is cleaning 45 liters of water and 28 cubic meters of air. The memory foam provides a more durable and breathable insole by adding more cushion to your step with more support than ever before — giving shoes a planet-friendly foundation for an enhanced wearing experience. 

Each AVRE purchase means you are making a difference for the environment. In an effort to support sustainability, conservation, and women empowerment 10% of proceeds are donated to Oceana and Girls In Tech from each pair of shoes purchased.

All product retails for under $150 and are available for purchase on the website. To learn more about AVRE please visit: https://avrelife.com/.


Source: AVRE