The StayTouch App Keeps Your Network in Sync With a Touch

Business cards make connecting with new contacts archaic with the chances of losing the card, not remembering who said contact was or what event you may have met them at. The new StayTouch App makes meeting and networking with colleagues easier. With StayTouch onboard and a simple touch between two phones, users can link all their social accounts and contact details for business and personal exchanges in seconds. Create different profiles for work and fun and search all your info on the go.

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Sweet Launches Mobile App to Help Customers Save on Mobile Phone Services

Sweet is a modern phone service that helps people lower their phone bills and it’s also the first mobile service where customers can join in seconds, save, and get personalized service 24/7. Announced today, Sweet launched its mobile app that finds users a better phone plan in seconds. With an estimate that Americans will overpay by $60 billion this year alone for phone services Sweet aims to tackle that issue. They will achieve this by evaluating the user’s current phone usage, coverage, and device requirements and creating a personalized plan for that specific customer.

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Gladly Introduces In-App Chat With JetBlue Among First to Launch New Customer Service Contact Channel

Announced today, Gladly, the platform making customer service personal, launched a new capability that allows companies to offer live chat from within their branded mobile applications. JetBlue will be one of the first rolling out the ability to chat with its customer support team, who they call crewmembers, from within its JetBlue mobile app.

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Introducing CLICKHER; The APP to Solve Info Overload For Fashion-Conscious Women

Launched this week, the new Clickher app is addressing the increasing volume of unreliable social media posts pitching fashion and beauty, by giving women just the quick, credible lifestyle information they want without all the noise. Clickher posts are hand-picked by editors from a curated network of about 1,000 independent sites. Instead of pushing an endless “news feed” of stories and ads of dubious provenance. The App features handpicked “Quick Reads”, “Curated Weekly” products by 1,000 sources, “Never Miss Out” on fashion tips and tricks, and the “Lastest Trends” sent directly to your phone.

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The Meetrz App Reaches Groundbreaking Downloads Just Before World Social Media Day

On June 30th the World celebrates World Social Media Day in a way to recognize the important role it plays in our society and the way it has connected us. It weird to look back and think what did we do before social media? How did we communicate and connect with so many people without so many different platforms before 2003? In celebration of World Social Media Day and their accomplishments, Meetrz, a new app that connects entrepreneurs and business travelers with live, local users who want to meet up in real time, announced that it received 5,000 downloads in 48 hours. That’s groundbreaking in comparison to top apps with millions of followers.

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Touchconsole – The Universal Gamepad for ALL Smartphones is Coming Soon

Touchconsole, the new universal ergonomic wireless gamepad with two touchpads that attaches on the back side of your smartphone, will launch on Kickstarter later this year. Currently, a large number of games played are on a smartphone with the game mechanics and aesthetics making a smartphone not as comfortable while gaming. Interestingly enough 30-50% of touchscreen surface is covered by gamer’s fingers and 53% of Android gamers are women which means there needs to be different aesthetic and ergonomics for the different gamers.

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The Amadeus Code Songwriting Assistant App Launches Their New Harmony Library Feature

The AI-assisted songwriting App, Amadeus Code, is now open to all users. Announced today the Japanese AI music startup Amadeus Code is officially opening up its songwriting inspiration app to the public. The Amadeus Code app already has over 1,000 users signed up for early access and they just released their newest feature, the Harmony Library. Continue Reading →

Sandman Doppler: The Smart Alarm Clock

The Sandman Doppler is an Alexa enabled, 6 USB charging ports, music playing, smart alarm clock recently launched on Kickstarter. Though it seems like the alarm clock is passé with smartphones and smart watches this smart alarm clock has a lot to offer. Continue Reading →

Austin-based Medici App Launches to Change the Way Doctors and Patients Communicate

Launched this week, Medici, the app revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship is now available in all 50 states. Medici, enables users to text or video chat with their existing medical providers. This includes  primary care physicians, pediatricians, specialists, therapists, veterinarians, dentists and more with the HIPAA-compliant app. Continue Reading →

EverQuote- The New Way to Shop for Auto Insurance

Comparison shopping for auto insurance is not on my list of top fun things to do. It use to be agonizing to do comparison shopping for auto insurance and worse when you buy a new car at the dealership and don’t have the tools needed to shop around. Fortunately a new start up, EverQuote™, is your new go to when shopping around for auto insurance nationally.   Continue Reading →