Gladly Introduces In-App Chat With JetBlue Among First to Launch New Customer Service Contact Channel

Announced today, Gladly, the platform making customer service personal, launched a new capability that allows companies to offer live chat from within their branded mobile applications. JetBlue will be one of the first rolling out the ability to chat with its customer support team, who they call crewmembers, from within its JetBlue mobile app.

With Gladly, consumers can now chat with customer support teams right from within a company’s native mobile app, without having to go to other places to get help. In fact, using the in-app chat, the airline enables customers to reach them right where they are and anticipates 20% shift from phone conversations to digital channels! If you travel a lot, you know how stressful going from place to place while at the airport or getting someone on the phone in a timely manner.

Gladly’s platform helps companies meet their customers where they are, while providing an additional way to get help quickly. This new option is in addition to the communication channels that Gladly already supports through its modern customer service platform, including voice, email, chat, text, and social messaging. Since mobile in-app chat leverages the same experience that agents use to communicate with customers via all other channels, agents can get up to speed quickly with no new software to learn.

With Gladly, agents and customers engage in a single conversation, no matter the channel. The interactions can start via mobile in-app chat and moves to text messages or starts via email and moves to the phone. All the historical context of the conversation is in a single place so customers avoid having to repeat and recap their story and agents can pick up the conversation right where they left off.

Gladly’s in-app chat allows teams to:

  • Meet Customers Where They Are: Offer an easy way to engage with support for customers that are busy and on the move.  
  • Chat vs. Talk: Give customers more options to reach out beyond the phone, and reduce costs for teams by moving customers to less expensive channels.
  • Implement Quickly: Integrate in days, not weeks, with mobile SDKs for iOS and Android that technical teams can easily work with.

Gladly’s platform starts with the customer and eliminates the old-school model of tickets and case numbers, facilitating a seamless conversation from voice to modern messaging, all out of the box.

Companies interested in learning about the Gladly platform can find more information here. Learn more about Gladly’s in-app chat capabilities here.


Source: Gladly, JetBlue