Harmony Helper Unveils First App to Give Singers a 24/7 Digital Rehearsal Room

Announced today, Harmony Helper, the app that provides singers a 24/7 digital rehearsal room anytime & anywhere, launched their of the first and only product that adds customizable sheet music scanning to simplify practicing. The app is free to download and allows singers that cannot afford a vocal coach or rehearsal space to develop the skill levels they need. Based on patented technology, the app is the first comprehensive, easy-to-use learning tool that features accurate real-time feedback, vocal part customization, pitch tracking, record/playback, and vocal part volume control.

Harmony Helper’s new customizable sheet music scanning feature is the first and only of its kind. Users simply upload or take a photo of their sheet music. Harmony Helper then uses Optical Music Recognition (OMR) technology to auto-generate vocal parts. Then the users create their own custom vocal part by answering a few questions about the song. The song is then translated into an easy-to-read piano roll format with accompaniment and flexible part volume controls, giving singers the ability to isolate specific vocal parts and sound while practicing.

This unique feature makes all music available to practice the moment a singer is ready to begin learning. For singers who are just learning or struggle with reading sheet music, this patented technology eliminates the friction to allow the aspiring singer to practice.

Harmony Helper’s Features Include:

  • Sheet Music scanning conversion: Allows singers to simply take a photo of any sheet music or upload directly into the app. Using OMR technology, written music is converted to MusicXML and MIDI so it can be viewed in a piano roll format, heard, and rehearsed.
  • Vocal part customization: Singers create their custom vocal part for a more personalized experience.
  • Real-time feedback: Patented pitch tracker accurately visualizes the singer’s pitch and timing in real-time, calibrated to their abilities and level of expertise.
  • Vocal Part Volume Controls: Hear the song in a multitude of different ways using volume controls for vocal parts, metronome, and accompaniment.
  • Guided Approach to Learning: Patented 5-Step Approach to Learning and Holding Harmonies equips singers with the necessary tools to tackle even the most complex songs, so they can walk into every live performance or rehearsal confidently prepared.
  • Easy Record and Playback: Listen to a song anytime and anywhere, then step into a quiet room to record/practice. Then listen to the recording take alone or with other vocal parts.

In the coming months, Harmony Helper will be announcing the general release of its group sharing features. The patented technology will enable music directors, coaches, and teachers to seamlessly share songbooks and instructions with performers and group members. Performers will receive their music via the app and can easily isolate their part so they can practice on their own time.


The app is free to download but you will need to have a paid subscription to access songs. See pricing below.

  • Free 7-day trial (unlimited songs)
  • Monthly subscription (unlimited songs): $4.99
  • Annual subscription (unlimited songs): $49.99


Harmony Helper is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. To learn more about Harmony Helper please visit: https://harmonyhelper.com/.


Source: Harmony Helper, Global Newswire, Apple App Store, Google Play store.