The StayTouch App Keeps Your Network in Sync With a Touch

Business cards make connecting with new contacts archaic with the chances of losing the card, not remembering who said contact was or what event you may have met them at. The new StayTouch App makes meeting and networking with colleagues easier. With StayTouch onboard and a simple touch between two phones, users can link all their social accounts and contact details for business and personal exchanges in seconds. Create different profiles for work and fun and search all your info on the go.

The StayTouch app, for both IOS and Android, has the secure contact information share down to a touch. With the effortless touch of two smartphones, instantly exchange only the contact information selected to share and create a more meaningful network of connections. StayTouch offers the unique ability to: have assorted work and social contact profiles, calendar meetings, add notes, add images and create complete memories with date, time and place for the exchange or meeting being automatically saved.

Up to 30% of entries in most contact lists are incomplete, duplicated or are expired. StayTouch’s innovative platform allows the update of a user’s own profile and the patent-pending platform will automatically sync that information with all connected StayTouch contacts, real-time.

Entering a single paper business card into a contact platform takes 5-10 minutes. People who attend conferences or mixers collect between 10-25 cards at a time. Time to enter just one event worth of cards is up to four hours of data entry just for the cards- so most don’t get entered at all. Using StayTouch, collecting 25 digital business cards takes less than one minute, and the contact information will always be current, and it will save with the date, time and place where users connected.

The App offers the ability to create multiple profiles giving users the ultimate control over their personal information. Users can create an assortment of profiles based on their lifestyle, i.e. Banker, yoga instructor, social, personal. When electing to share a profile, the user selects which is most appropriate to share, controlling what the new acquaintance has access to.

StayTouch is quickly gaining an audience of dedicated users, confirming the pent-up demand for this completely unique combination of features. In fact, StayTouch just raised $750,000 in a round of seed funding with more to come.

StayTouch is continuously improving the platform, honoring user feedback and StayTouch’s ongoing commitment to excellence. Download and enable the StayTouch app (supports 12.3 and higher on IOS and Android 8.0 or higher) here: