Sandman Doppler: The Smart Alarm Clock

The Sandman Doppler is an Alexa enabled, 6 USB charging ports, music playing, smart alarm clock recently launched on Kickstarter. Though it seems like the alarm clock is passé with smartphones and smart watches this smart alarm clock has a lot to offer.

The Doppler set up is simple since it connects to your home’s internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Similar to other smart device on the market it has an App (iOS and Android) that you will need to install to set up the Doppler and also to get software updates.

The Doppler has customizable buttons that integrate with apps like Spotify, Nest, Pandora, Lyft and other smart home apps. What a great feature!

The multi-color RGB LED’s allow you to customize the Doppler‘s screen color. It has large 1.8 inch auto-dimming numbers. Time can be displayable in 12 or 24 hour time modes. The Doppler can’t be easily knocked off, tilted, or moved on your nightstand. The Doppler’s illuminated snooze button makes it easy to find, even in a sleepy daze. It is has acoustically and digitally tuned full-range stereo speakers for clarity when playing music.

The Doppler has a cable management system which allows you to route your cables underneath the Doppler. There is no power brick so only one power cable goes from the back of the Doppler to the wall which is such a cool feature. The Doppler‘s internal power supply is dual voltage (110/220) so it will work worldwide.

It has 6 high power USB charging ports so you can charge all of your devices at once. You can also swap out three regular USB ports and get three USB-C ports (sold separately and will be available at launch). I’ve haven’t heard of another smart product that has this feature and think this is a must have for today’s ever changing technology.

The Doppler is powered by the Next Thing Co.’s C.H.I.P. Pro and are both open source products. If you want to add your own features just access the C.H.I.P. Pro via a hidden Micro-USB port.

The Sandman Doppler comes at a better price $119 (Kickstarter price) and includes:

  • Customizable RGB digits
  • Date, weather, temperature Dashboard indicators
  • Clean cable management

A comparable setup would cost you:

  • Amazon Echo Dot ($50)
  • 6-port USB Charging Station ($23)
  • Bluetooth Stereo Speaker ($75)
  • Alarm Clock ($19)
  • Power Strip ($10)
  • 6 USB extension cables ($30)

The total comparable setup going that route totals $207.

Sandman Doppler’s Kickstarter goal is $25,458 and they have had $126,533 pledged with 8 days to go. There is still time on Kickstarter to purchase a Doppler at the discounted rate. Below are the current packages available on Kickstarter with the estimated delivery of March 2018.

As usual I have asked for a review sample but they aren’t in full production yet! If you would like to purchase or make a pledge towards Sandman Doppler‘s Kickstarter campaign click here.


Source: Kickstarter, Sandman Doppler