Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series and the RIDE | AUSTIN App

This summer Bud Light created a Summer Live Series for Austin, Texas. Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series is a local tavern-inspired concert series, exclusively created for Austin, TX. Once a month during the summer, the Austin-American Statesman Warehouse will be transformed to a unique concert experience.

The last installment of the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series is August 17th at the parking lot of the Austin American-Statesman. The show features Houndmouth with support from The Band Of Heathens.

The tickets are free and include free Bud Light throughout the show; how awesome is that? In order to get tickets you must go to this page and submit your email address.

Bud Light will inform you via email when tickets are available to reserve. To reserve your tickets for the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series click here.

Bud Light suggest using RIDE|AUSTIN app for your car hailing needs during the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series. RIDE|AUSTIN is a community-driven nonprofit ridesharing company based in Austin, Texas. It is powered by donations, with paid and volunteer hours from both the Austin tech community and the broader Austin community working together. Since Uber and Lyft came back to Austin RIDE|AUSTIN has had a small decline in business so show them some love during the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series show. I strongly recommend downloading the RIDE|AUSTIN app on your smartphone before the show.

As part of the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series, Bud Light is donating a percentage of the proceeds from each event to partnering non-profit organizations.

I have already submitted my email for the show since it’s walking distance and how could I turn down free music and beer?! For more information about the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series click here.

See you all there!


About Houndmouth:

Boasting a sound that’s informed by vintage country rock and the melodic side of indie rock, Houndmouth was formed in 2011 in New Albany, IN, a town across the river from Louisville, KY. Founding members included guitarist/vocalist Matt Myers, keyboardist/vocalist Katie Toupin, bassist/vocalist Zak Appleby, and drummer/vocalist Shane Cody. The driven group of musicians quickly built a loyal following based on its fervent live shows, and was soon sharing stages with like-minded bands such as Drive-By Truckers and the Lumineers. In 2012, the group issued a self-titled 4-song EP, andiIn 2013, Rough Trade Records released the band’s full-length debut, From the Hills Below the City, a hearty collection of ragged country-informed rock & roll. Houndmouth returned in the spring of 2015 with Little Neon Limelight, another set of lean country boogie and late night laments. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi

About The Band Of Heathens:

duende – [duen-de] (noun) 1. a quality of inspiration and passion 2. A heightened sense of emotion, expression and authenticity 3. a spirit

Duende, the title of The Band of Heathens’ fifth studio album (and eighth overall), marks their tenth anniversary as a group, and it certainly applies to its overall theme about the collective search for connection and communion in a technology-fueled world increasingly splintered, distracted and lonely. Duende is The Band of Heathens playing to their strengths, unapologetically constructed as an old-school 10-track, two-sided vinyl album (which it will be released as, with a second disc encompassing four songs from their Green Grass EP released earlier this year).

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