GOAT’s Dockless Electric Scooter Company Has Launched in Austin

There has been a dockless electric scooter controversy in Austin since Bird Rides and LimeBike launched in early April. Per the Austin American Statesmen, Bird Rides and LimeBike had to stop scooter rentals in Austin due to the emergency ordinance that allows city workers to impound any of the scooters left on city rights of way if their owners do not have a permit and levies a $200 fee for each impounded scooter. Austin is as a proud city, for Bird Rides and LimeBikes to enter the market without abiding by the city ordinance rubs the city the wrong way.

Fortunately, GOAT Labs, Inc. announced the launch of GOAT, the company’s fleet of dockless electric scooters in Austin, Texas. GOAT will put scooters on the ground in Austin and launching a local pilot program to coincide with the recent decision made by Austin City Council. This launch will make GOAT the 1st company in the United States to launch a dockless electric scooter fleet and mobile app in Austin that abides by the new city ordinance.

Throughout Austin GOAT will provide dockless electric scooters, in urban areas, on campuses, in small communities and to businesses with specific transportation initiatives. GOAT’s goal is to reduce traffic congestion and alleviates parking challenges while saving emissions with their dockless electric scooters.

Through their hardware and software design GOAT’s dockless electric scooters are unmatched in improving short-term mobility. Their scooters will be constantly maintained by GOAT’s team, without any cost transferred to the areas they serve, are distributed based on need and picked up on a daily basis for charging and smart deployment.

GOAT’s pilot program is starting off with a select number of scooters in Austin. In order to get started you MUST download the GOAT app from the Apple Store. It was a simple process and signing up was also very easy. I was able to locate a scooter near me in Austin just after entering my phone number and the code they send you via text. In no time I unlocked the scooter via the app just to see how the process works however I did not physically go to the scooter itself. As far as I can tell all you need to do is scan the QR code off the scooter and you are set. We will be testing this out over the next couple weeks and if I survive, given I’m a klutz, we may have a review using the Vivitar 4K WiFi Action Camera.

For more information on GOAT’s scooters please visit www.ridegoat.com.

About GOAT

GOAT, the first Texas-based dockless electric scooter company to create a mobile app and deploy a fleet, intends to increase mobility in cities and campuses by allowing people to travel efficiently, affordably and sustainably. By partnering with locals and deploying appropriately sized fleets of dockless electric scooters, GOAT aims to be a solution for a specific mobility issue. GOAT has been funded entirely by the founders, who believed so much in the benefits of this mode of transportation that they created GOAT, with a city-first mindset, to quickly solve mobility issues for cities and people everywhere. As of today, there are only 4 publicly known dockless scooter companies operating across the US, with the number expected to grow exponentially as the sector gains users. GOAT plans to differentiate the company through technology and the overall user experience.


Source: GOAT, Austin American Statesman