Alias Technologies Launches BeFake AI-Driven Mobile App 

BeFake is a a new social media app that dares to challenge and redefine the boundaries of digital self-expression launched by Alias Technologies, a trailblazer in AI innovation. BeFake offers an ingenious antidote to the conventional reality portrayed on existing social media platforms.

Powered by Alias Technologies’ cutting-edge AI, the BeFake app is an engaging way to amplify your presence on social media, using your own imagination to create something new. Users input text prompts, transforming them into captivating augmented visuals. From creative selfies to imaginative group photos, BeFake allows individuals to vividly express their authenticity, transcending the limitations of the physical world to explore the vast expanse of their creativity.

BeFake’s AI-generated content is fresh, engaging, and thought-provoking, unlike the usual posts seen on standard social media platforms. The platform encourages a form of communication that stimulates users’ imagination, providing them with a new way to explore their identity beyond physical boundaries, and serves as a fun introduction to AI prompting.

The BeFake app is now available for download on iOS and Android. The app offers a user-friendly interface, making the journey from imagination to visualization seamless and enjoyable. Join the bustling community on BeFake, where you can ‘be real’ through ‘being fake.’ Let your imagination run wild and become a part of the BeFake community today.

BeFake is Available Now. Get it Here:

iOS | Android

If you’re looking to get in on this fun way to keep up with friends and family with flair, you can visit the official BeFake website here to sign up for updates.

About Alias Technologies

Alias Technologies is an applied AI company creating social media applications leveraging cutting-edge generative media and multi-modal AI systems. Alias was founded by the former executive team of gaming giant Machine Zone, after MZ merged with AppLovin in 2020. Founder Kristen Garcia Dumont was the first female CEO of a major gaming company and one of only two women CEOs among Pitchbook’s 30 most valuable private companies. Garcia Dumont led the development and launch of two of the most profitable mobile social games globally, grossing in excess of $1B. Founder Tracy Lane is the former COO of MZ, where she led community, moderation, compliance and platform partnerships.


Source: Alias Technologies