Introducing CLICKHER; The APP to Solve Info Overload For Fashion-Conscious Women

Launched this week, the new Clickher app is addressing the increasing volume of unreliable social media posts pitching fashion and beauty, by giving women just the quick, credible lifestyle information they want without all the noise. Clickher posts are hand-picked by editors from a curated network of about 1,000 independent sites. Instead of pushing an endless “news feed” of stories and ads of dubious provenance. The App features handpicked “Quick Reads”, “Curated Weekly” products by 1,000 sources, “Never Miss Out” on fashion tips and tricks, and the “Lastest Trends” sent directly to your phone.

“Our posts are quick reads your bestie would share with you – if she had time,” says Editor-in-Chief Beth Blakely. “We comb through hundreds of pics, videos, and blogs and send only the very best, most helpful stuff – just one great post at a time, a couple of times a week,” says Blakely.

Clickher’s posts are aimed at 18-39-year-old women who are passionate about style, quality, and originality. I do believe they should expand that aim to women in their early 40’s as well after all 40’s are the new 30’s!

Clickher™ app was developed out of experience co-founder and CEO Joe Pierce and co-founder Stephen Reily had with Clickher’s predecessor, Vibrant Nation, which built a loyal following of more than 100,000 women. Now, information overload requires simpler ways to connect people to trusted recommendations.

“Clickher is trustworthy, helpful and fun,” says Reily. “It turns out that what people want from digital media is just what they want from their friends, including the friends they haven’t met yet. We generate unusually high levels of engagement because we share only one great post at a time, and our editorial team knows how to find the posts you wish you’d found yourself.”

The app will appeal to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands because of its high engagement. Branded opportunities include a “sponsored by” message on the editorial posts and standalone, sponsored content up to once per week.

“Clickher is a great way for brands to connect with a great audience,” says Pierce. “Advertisers who are shifting away from TV will find Clickher to be a less costly, more effective, simpler and safer media outlet to reach their target consumers.”

Pierce, a serial entrepreneur, was one of the earliest leaders in newsletter and other digital targeted marketing. He has held senior management positions at the world’s largest technology media company (International Data Group), the world’s second-largest music company (Sony Music Entertainment), and the USA’s third-oldest independent advertising agency (Doe-Anderson.)

Reily has more than a decade of experience helping brands develop and market products to women, is the founder, chairman and managing director of IMC Licensing, and director of the Speed Art Museum in Louisville. Blakely has created and managed digital communities like TechRepublic and Vibrant Nation; and created and executed influencer campaigns for major brands like L’Oreal and Tide.

The new Clickher app is NOW available on the App Store for iPhone® or at


Source: Clickher app