ShopMy.World: A Solution-Based Fashion Marketplace Sponsoring Girls Education

ShopMy.World has leveraged a trillion-dollar industry in its bid to correct gender inequality and lack of education that affects more than 130 million girls worldwide. ​For every dress sold, the company sends one girl to school and plans to release an AI ‘touch to shop’ Entertainment APP in Bollywood as a solution-based eco-system.

ShopMy.World embodies values and practices for artisanal, sustainable, ethical products within the online marketplace. The platform has been tailored to the articulate, sensitive woman with social impact at its core. Like mega-online retailer, Farfetch it features trend-setters from lands afar – Beirut, Paris, Mozambique, Melbourne and Sweden, who employ Fair Trade, slow fashion production and ethically sourced textiles. Its story is painted with the lives it impacts, similar to Bird + Stone and Olivela.

After partnering with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), ShopMy.World’s sponsorship of education is not only curriculum focused but lifestyle orientated, too: hygiene and menstruation, pregnancy and motherhood, nutrition and career planning. 

Following its experiential AI projects, the platform is developing an integrative ‘touch to shop’ APP for the Film industry. Founder, former actor and socialpreneur Bethanie Ashton believes that stitching fashion and film within a supportive eco-system will positively impact many lives.

“The current culture of influence and slow fashion are a major attraction for the release of our AI Entertainment APP, where production stakeholders will generate a new revenue stream from fashion royalties similar to the rewardStyle model and consumers will indirectly support girls education with every purchase,” says Ashton.

ShopMy.World has harnessed the values that strive for a sleek, online environment. The solution-based enterprise aims to donate 50 years of education in 2019 and catapult future careers and the business ideas of the next generation of female role models.

To donate $25.00 to their Send a Girl to School initiative please visit: To learn more or shop ShopMy.World products please visit: