bONE Tech Introduces IceBRKR, the World’s First Ski Goggles to Integrate Bone Conduction Audio & Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom Technology

Today, bONE Tech announces IceBRKR, the world’s first ski goggles to integrate bone conduction audio and Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology to make the skiing or snowboarding experience more entertaining and safe. The Kickstarter Campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $30,000 USD, features a limited Super Early Bird special of $79 USD, as well as several other rewards for backers.

IceBRKR, which features patented and innovative bendable arms that pivot to assure gentle but constant contact between the transducer and the user’s ears, provides for an unbelievably comfortable fit, and delivers amazing sound (via bone conduction) for making calls or listening to music all while allowing users to hear what’s going on around them, making it a safer way to enjoy music while on the slopes.

The arms’ patented design is so flexible that users can also choose to place them directly over their helmet to give an incredible 360-degree sound experience (sound is delivered through the vibrations of the helmet shell). The audio perception is perfect, and in stereo without resorting to using headphones, earphones and external microphones, making the sound experience complete and comfortable. 

With its incorporated Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology, IceBRKR recognizes compatible MESH devices that are paired together (from 2 to 18 devices) and easily connects with them at a radius of up to 1 mile. The pairing is intuitive, and once initiated, remains active lasting for 72 hours in stand-by and 24 in continuous use. When the system recognizes the devices, it will pair immediately.

On the lower part of the ski goggles frame, users can access a variety of functions including the volume control and the on/off button (includes intercom pairing function). On the lower part of the frame, there is an App control key and the conference function activation key (with pairing modes).

A light/sound feedback (blue/red LED) signals the connection and pairing active/dropped with other IceBRKR masks and/or devices, while the incorporated bi-directional microphone is located near the vocal emission source.  The buttons are “invisible” but naturally accessible without having to remove the glove or look at the frame.

“IceBRKR is the answer to staying as connected as you want to be on the slopes,” said CEO Marco Collini, founder of bONE Tech. “You can take calls, listen to music or podcasts, all without removing your gloves or mask or blocking out the sound around you.”

Impeccable in its design, IceBRKR features a magnetic, swappable dual lens with proprietary geometry that mimics the anatomical curvature of the eye to maximize peripheral vision and minimize distortion, as well as polarized lenses with an iridium coating to minimize glare and heighten contrast. 

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Source: Kickstarter, bONE TECH