VOXAPOD Redefining Women’s Monthly Cycle With Kickstarter

A women’s menstruation cycle is not exactly a coffee table conversation with your friends but given the amount of information online it should be. Statistics show a woman will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating; furthermore the average women in a modern industrialized society menstruates 450 times in her life. Another menstrual statistic implicates that approximately 70% of women of menstruating age use tampons. A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her life; is that not eye opening? 

There are over 1.8 billion women menstruating globally, and for the most part, their needs are met with pads and tampons. Most of these disposables are not only toxic, they also require inconveniently changing every 2–3 hours. In the US alone, 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown into our waterways and landfills every year.

Most of us aren’t taught or educated that we would have to deal with this menstruation expense till we are well into our 50’s! Fortunately, we now have another option! VOXAPOD is part of a broader “Menstrual Equity Movement” that is also tapping into the broader cultural conversation.

The VOXAPOD™ cup is designed to support women’s daily lifestyle menstrual demands. The VOXAPOD™ offers 12 hours of leak-free protection. Unlike current tampons the VOXAPOD™ cup contains, rather than absorbs your period fluid. It collects up to 5x more than a tampon which means it can be worn overnight. That is correct ladies; the entire night!

It’s naturally hygienic, silicone of the VOXAPOD™ cup eliminates the need for chemical bleaching or toxins that are in most disposables. All VOXAPOD™ menstrual cups are manufactured in the USA using 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone.

Some women make ask me if this is real and how do I make the change. VOXAPOD created a series of video shorts that highlight the issues around period care. They illustrate the hassles so many women deal with on a monthly basis.

The VOXAPOD™ cup kicks off its Kickstarter campaign on March 6th, for more information please visit: http://voxapod.com/kickstarter. If you would like more information about The VOXAPOD™ cup click here.


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