T-Goal: The Newest Soccer Data Tracking Wearable Launches on Kickstarter

During and now after an exciting 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer mania has exploded! There are various technology devices you can use to train for your upcoming soccer tournament but which is the most accurate? T-Goal is a smart wearable sensor that collects your in-game soccer data, allowing you to adjust and plan your training. The T-Goal sensor is small in size which allows players to wear it during training or in-game. T-Goal can track several metrics through it’s dashboard by connecting to the T-Goal app and go out and play. Per T-Goal, after the game, users enter the app and T-Goal will help you analyze how you performed using the below inquiries:

  • Did you get tired after the 80th minute?
  • Did you sprint back on defense as often as you should have?
  • If you lost this match, how did your performance compare to the last match in which your team won?
  • Do you need to improve your conditioning to become a more elite midfielder?
  • How does your speed compare to that of the top wingers?

Simple as they may be, their all questions that T-Goal can help you gain insight on your performance on the field. For anyone who has been in sports having a better understanding of your performance lets you focus on more specific areas for improvement.

In our digital age, thousands of players are already tracking their in-game data. Their platform makes it easy for users to benchmark their progress alongside other players. Users can see how they compare to others at your position.

T-Goal allows you to see your improvement and will bring attention to potential fatigue if you are over-training. T-Goal also it provides the insight necessary to make training adjustments so that you can train safely and efficiently.

Most of us already have a fitness tracker on our smartphone but you can use T-Goal as a daily fitness activity tracker. T-Goal can count metrics like steps, calories, average pace, and distance traveled. It can also map and track your training runs to visually understand where and when you sped up and slowed down.

Everything has an app these days and so does T-Goal. Their app is user-friendly and gives you convenient access to a wide range of features through a clean and intuitive dashboard. The dashboard includes all of the metric tracking in one centralized hub that allows users to scroll through the modes to find precisely what they need.

With T-Goal you can manage your teams, schedules, and players through the coaching app. All you have to do is sync the respective players’ sensors through the app, then you can track all of their activity and performance metrics plus view them.

T-Goal just launched their Kickstarter campaign last week with a goal of $7,615. Their early bird pledge special is $ 105.00 and includes; 1 T-Goal sensor, 1 wrist strap, 1 calf sleeve and 1 compression shirt (Retail is $150 USD, 47% Off). If you would like to back their campaign or purchase a T-Goal please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/t-goal/t-goal-modern-soccer-data-tracking-wearable?ref=creator_nav.


Source: T-Goal, Kickstarter