Go Fund Me Campaign Launched for Capsized Duck Boat Survivor


Tragedy struck when a duck boat capsized during a storm in Branson, Missouri last week and 17 people died from drowning. Per several news updates they claim the storm came out of nowhere but that is debatable and something the authorities will need to tackle.

One of the tragic parts of this story is passengers were told there was a storm coming before they went out on the water, per CNN. Passengers on the duck tour were told that the boat could take on waves of up to 18 to 10 feet, and that they were also told, “There are life jackets and they are above you, but ‘you don’t need to know where they are because you won’t need to use them.” When the duck boat capsized during the storm all passengers lives were in danger but they didn’t know how much. Sadly, when they pulled the boat out of the lake ALL of the life jackets were attached to the boat canopy, those poor people didn’t even have a chance to survive!

In the wake of this horrific accident remains, Tia Colemen. Per CNN, Coleman and ten of her relatives were on a family vacation from Indiana, taking a tour Thursday of Table Rock Lake near the Missouri tourist hotspot of Branson. When the duck boat capsized nine of her family members died, including her husband and three children. Coleman and her 13-year-old nephew were the only survivors from their family group. Imagine the huge amount of loose this poor lady had to endure and will have to down the road.

To help Ms. Coleman with her hospital bills a GoFundMe campaign was launched and has raised more than half a million dollars in just two days. The goal is one million, however, how can you put a price of losing nine family members on a simple family vacation? We’re asking to reach into your pockets and donate to help Ms. Coleman with hospital bills but also help her get back on her feet after such a horrible turn of events.

To donate to her GoFundMe campaign please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/branson-duck-boat-survivor. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all of your families!


Source: CNN, Youtube, Go Fund Me, USA Today