Product Review: The New Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Last week Logitech gave me a demo of the new Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. Before the demo Logitech sent me one to test out. When I unboxed it I immediately noticed the sleek and sexy look of what may be the best looking presentation remote out there. Once you pick up Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote you will quickly notice how light weight it is and also how well it ergonomically fits in your hand. Continue Reading →

FEETME – The First Smart Connected Insole

feetme-logoAs CES (Consumer Electronic Show) gets closer and closer I am constantly getting emails about meetings or new product launches while there. This year, unlike the previous 7 years, I had to become choosy on what I wanted to cover before and while at CES 2017.

This year at CES Unveiled I will be checking out a variety of products and FEETME Sport is on the top of my list.

What is FEETME? Continue Reading →

Startup Grind Holiday Mixer in East Austin Tonight!

startup-grindI am going to the Startup Grind Holiday Mixer in Austin tonight on behalf of and and you should go too because it looks to be a great time with cool people! Here is the skinny on the event:

SXSW Gaming Conference 2017

sxsw-gamingSXSW 2017 is fast approaching, in fact it was just announced that the SXSW Gaming Conference wristbands are now available to purchase. Back in the day when you would think about SXSW gaming wasn’t the first thing that comes to mind but times are changing! SXSW Gaming Conference will begin on Thursday, March 16 through Saturday, March 18 at the Austin Convention Center.

The SXSW Gaming.Conference & Festival is a combination of geek and gaming culture with Expos, Awards, and Programming. Not only is the Gaming Conference the fastest growing phenomenon at SXSW, this year they have expanded the Gaming Expo, Gaming Awards, and Gaming Program lineup. Continue Reading →

Black Friday 2016 Deals, Apps and Websites


It’s that time of year again! A time where we all storm the malls and the web to load up on gifts for the holidays.  Since Black Friday is just days away I thought I would give all you brave soles some deals, free apps and websites to check out. Continue Reading →

Product Review: Rowkin’s™ New Mini Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 Stereo Earbuds

The World’s Smallest Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic and Portable Charging Case have arrived! Rowkin sent me their new Mini Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds to test out for Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic. When I unboxed them I was pleasantly surprised! It was an exciting moment for me since I haven’t had truly wireless stereo earbuds with no cord connecting the earbuds. I couldn’t wait to check them out.row-penny

When you receive the earbuds the package will include: TWO (2) Rowkin Bit wireless earbuds to operate in the stereo Bluetooth headphones mode, various earbud tips, and the patented dual-earbud conductive portable charging system. The battery in the wireless headphones allows up to 3 hours for music and calls on a single charge. The small lipstick size portable charger can fully recharge the Bluetooth headset twice, providing additional 4-6 hours worth of music or talk time. budsAfter you unbox the charger and the earbuds you will need to attach both earbuds to the opposite ends of the charger to get a good charge before you begin pairing and syncing them via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Once charged take them off the charger and turn them both on making sure the earbuds are next to each other so they can sync with each other. Your smart device should be able to detect via Bluetooth and once found click connect. Continue Reading →

New Indiegogo Campaign – Soapberry

tree-to-tubI love crowd funding, I am always surprised with the innovated gadgets and products.  Today I learned about a new Indiegogo campaign that will be launching on 11/1/ 2016. The campaign is for Soapberry which is the the world’s most gentle soap.

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nina-waldoHappy National Techies Day to all my Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic geeks! I’ve been in tech for almost 12 years and this is the first I heard about National Techies Day but any day to celebrate our love for technology and fixing technology is awesome. Food for thought; how many techies know its National Techies Day? Not many I assume considering the lab and confetti nor balloons do not mix.

In all seriousness today is National Techies Day and observed annually on October 3.  During National Techies Day it is said students are encouraged to consider a career in technology. In honor of National Techies Day take your fellow IT guy or gal, Tech Guru, or “I can break any tech products” in the office buddy to lunch or happy hour.

This weeks National days are listed below and click here is the link to find “National” days throughout the year. Also here is a link to all my bloopers of reviewing technology: Again happy  National Techies Day to my fellow geeks! Continue Reading →

Product Review: JayBird FREEDOM Wireless Earbuds


Love it

We are in a time where we are all migrating to wireless especially since the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm jack. There are rumors that all consumer electronics will be wireless sooner than we thought. That said I have been reviewing more wireless products since that announcement and my favorite so far has been the JayBird Wireless Buds.jay

The JayBird Wireless Buds are micro-sized, sweat-proof premium metal buds that offer superior audio performance rivaling with the best in wired headphones thus far. I walk 5+ miles about 3 to 4 times a week in Austin, Texas and durable plus reliable wireless ear buds are key in this 100 degree heat.

What JayBird Wireless Buds offer is 8 hours of play time with on-the-go listen-while-you-charge mobile charging (4 Hrs on-board + 4 Hrs with the included Charging Clip). The 4 hour charging clip has been my saving grace when I decide to walk more than just 5 miles and music grove to walk more. The patented secure-fit buds are ready for anything you can dish out on the trail, on the streets, in the gym or on the slopes. I don’t ski and for good reason but I can attest that these buds are not only durable but the sound quality withstands most elements. Continue Reading →

CES 2017 Registration Begins Today!

CES2017And so it begins…

For those in consumer technology as long as I have been CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is a double edged sword.  I love seeing innovative technology, old friends  and colleagues but man is it exhausting. I have made dumb decisions on cabbing it or walking it to the next event or venue; I walked and it was not fun. The hotel are not as close as you think then again cabbing it during CES is not fun either. Why we haven’t figured out beaming is beyond me.

TODAY you are able to register for CES and can click here to attend; do note that registration is only free to those working in the technology or consumer  field. If you are media I suggest having a letter with the master-head from your editor but click here for more details.#CES2017

I registered for my press pass for CES, CES Unveiled and various other events. While focusing on CES 2017 I also realized that this will be about 5 years consecutively attending as press for Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic.

Most people currently are interested in drones, 3D printers and robots, but not me! What’s next in the tech world? What would you like to see at CES 2017? 

It is still crazy for me to say I’ve been in tech for over 11 years and here is a funny video from CES 2016 (shot by my tech pal Ant) plus a contact form to submit what you think would be cool to check out at CES 2017.

CES 2017 here I come!