CES 2017 Registration Begins Today!

CES2017And so it begins…

For those in consumer technology as long as I have been CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is a double edged sword.  I love seeing innovative technology, old friends  and colleagues but man is it exhausting. I have made dumb decisions on cabbing it or walking it to the next event or venue; I walked and it was not fun. The hotel are not as close as you think then again cabbing it during CES is not fun either. Why we haven’t figured out beaming is beyond me.

TODAY you are able to register for CES and can click here to attend; do note that registration is only free to those working in the technology or consumer  field. If you are media I suggest having a letter with the master-head from your editor but click here for more details.#CES2017

I registered for my press pass for CES, CES Unveiled and various other events. While focusing on CES 2017 I also realized that this will be about 5 years consecutively attending as press for Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic.

Most people currently are interested in drones, 3D printers and robots, but not me! What’s next in the tech world? What would you like to see at CES 2017? 

It is still crazy for me to say I’ve been in tech for over 11 years and here is a funny video from CES 2016 (shot by my tech pal Ant) plus a contact form to submit what you think would be cool to check out at CES 2017.

CES 2017 here I come!