FEETME – The First Smart Connected Insole

feetme-logoAs CES (Consumer Electronic Show) gets closer and closer I am constantly getting emails about meetings or new product launches while there. This year, unlike the previous 7 years, I had to become choosy on what I wanted to cover before and while at CES 2017.

This year at CES Unveiled I will be checking out a variety of products and FEETME Sport is on the top of my list.

What is FEETME?

FEETME develops a smart connected insole that can measure reliable data and transmit them wirelessly to a device.feeetme-specs

FEETME will preview their beta test phase for FEETME Sport, their consumer brand of connected insoles combined with a personal running coach, at CES Unveiled. This new connected insole, created for consumers, leverages their medical expertise to measure running efficiency in real time.

I’m all about this and cannot wait to see a live demo!! I’m a former runner and currently walk about 5-7 miles five days a week. Though these insoles are designed for runners I bet it would be just as beneficial for avid walkers like myself.

If you are attending CES 2017 FEETME will have presales that are open to the public at a preferred price of $200. Their booths are located at Eureka Park Marketplace, Sands, Hall G, Stand #50818 and at CES Unveiled as well.

Below are some more products specs and features of FEETME Sport. Check back on Cutegeek.com and Hi-TechChic.com after CES 2017 for my full report on the FEETME demo.dynamic