New Indiegogo Campaign – Soapberry

tree-to-tubI love crowd funding, I am always surprised with the innovated gadgets and products.  Today I learned about a new Indiegogo campaign that will be launching on 11/1/ 2016. The campaign is for Soapberry which is the the world’s most gentle soap.

I was informed that 99% of body care products rely on harsh synthetic lather – even so-called “natural” options. Tree To Tub, will be the first to harness the Soapberry – an ultra-gentle, self-lathering fruit that will completely replace chemical lather. The Soapberry lather washes off every dirt and grime while protecting your vital natural oils.soapberry

I am huge on volunteering or contributing and admire companies that proactively help different organizations. When you purchase Soapberry Tree to Tub will donate percentages of our campaign funding in your name to the Mending Kids International charity. How awesome is that?!

I will be receiving some samples soon and will post all my findings on either Cutegeek or Hi-Tech Chic. For more information or to purchase Soapberry products click here.

Information and images provided by Tree to Tub