Happy Austin Beer Week and Drunk Mode App


Today is day 1 of Austin Beer Week (ABW)  and I will be celebrating with a beer the entire week which is from October 28th through November 6th. Tonight there will be a kick off ABW Party at Craft Pride starting at 7pm and its free admission.

To check out what Pubs, Restaurants and Bars who are participating in ABW click here. There will be events at different venues around Austin and I suggest checking out the events schedule on the ABW site to see what all is going on celebrating ABW.

Since it’s ABW and I live in a college town I assume that there will be allot of people celebrating all week. I found a App called Drunk Mode that looks like it will be helpful to all celebrating ABW. Below is a list of features on the Drunk Mode App, must admit I find all 5 features very useful.

1. Stop Drunk Dialing: Our call blocker hides select phone contacts when you want to get drunk so you cannot drunk call these selected friends for up to 12 hours

2. Find My Drunk: Our friend finder allows you to track your drunk friends via GPS so you don’t lose them when you are out partying.

3. Breadcrumbs: Shows you where you went last night after that crazy party or bar crawl.

4. Find a Safe Ride Home – quickly find a ride home or walking directions to your friend’s locations

5. Hotspots – Available in select Cities & Colleges – Find the best parties around you with our heat maps that display in real time how busy an area is and the girl to guy ratio.

beer-weekTo check out what is going on live during ABW follow @AustinBeerWeek and use hashtag #AustinBeerWeek. To find out where I will be follow me @nrpena and use the same hashtag.

Hope you all have an AMAZING Austin Beer Week and remember to drink responsibly.