Why You Should Use BallotReady.com For The 2016 Election

ballotready-logsElection Day is coming up faster than you think on November 8th. I must admit this election has been the most entertaining and the debates have been more ridiculous than any past Presidential debates. One of my favorite past times and till this day has been the SNL skits about the Presidential debate. My other favorite past times is going to vote and getting the “I Voted” sticker after I cast my vote.

Though we have allot of ways to get information for Election Day via Social Media, TV Ads and the internet a site that is a one stop shop on what you need to know about the election is ideal. This is where the site BallotReady is useful for all your election needs and more information in detail on candidates.

What is BallotReady?need-to-know

BallotReady  is a nonpartisan voter information company that is a free tool designed to help you vote informed on every candidate. BallotReady aggregates information from candidates’ websites, social media, press, endorsers and board of elections data for the latest, most accurate details about the candidates and referendums on your ballot. As of now BallotReady has reached 100,000 voters during primaries in 4 states with a goal of 1 million BallotReady informed voters across 25 states though out November.first-page

The BallotReady site is pretty simple to use. Voters just need to go to https://www.ballotready.org/, enter in your full address and click get started.

On the next page it will have Biography, Stances, Endorsements and News on each candidate running at the time. Unfortunately I can’t use BallotReady yet since it’s not available in the great state of Texas yet.first-page-2

If you are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania you can use the BallotReady site for your election needs. The rest of the site is straight forward and helpful for those who are able to vote.

If you would like more information on Election Day or help finding your polling location click here. Don’t forget that November 8th is Election day and every vote counts.