Lumen Couture Launches the “Matrix Collection” Ready-to-Wear Fashion Line Using LED Panels With Bluetooth And Audio Connectivity

Lumen Couture, a ready-to-wear line fusing tech and fashion, recently launched designs featuring new cutting edge technology. The designs feature innovative inserts (a thin flexible LED matrix) that can display images, text, and videos controlled via Bluetooth from a phone. The garments also respond to sound with an “equalizer” visualizer functionality.

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Nodle Gives an IoT Makeover to the Iconic Parisian Park Benches

Serving as an important and historical part of Parisian life and culture, the Parisian benches were first introduced in 1850. Announced today,, an Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity network provider, has partnered with the City of Paris, France to deploy 3,000 Bluetooth-enabled benches and other urban installations in new Métro stations and parks. Nodle was brought into the fold by French manufacturer Groupe Saint Léonard to design and create the new smart benches and public infrastructure throughout 68 new metro stations within the city.

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Mixcder Launches its E9 Next Generation Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones at a Low Cost

Quality and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones are hard to come by even though there are so many brands out there. After nine years of writing for tech I have had my fair share of disappointing brands I’ve reviewed but there are a few inexpensive audio brands I’m a fan of. Today the next generation Mixcder E9 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Hi-Fi stereo headphones with deep bass and built-in microphone launched at a fraction of the price.

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Product Review: RHA MA390 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

We received the RHA’s MA390 Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones that features noise isolating, aluminum earbuds combined with high-quality Bluetooth audio and a sweatproof, flexible neckband. Considering I live in the city and walk everywhere quality good fitting headphones either in ear or over the ear are a must.

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RHA’s CL2 Planar Headhones Are Now Available For Pre-order

The CL2 Planar; a planar magnetic in-ear headphone, is now available for pre-order. It will be available for pre-order starting today, August 23rd and will ship on the 12th of September 2018.

RHA’s CL2 Planar headphone is the first wireless planar magnetic headphone and the first closed-back planar in-ear headphone. Continue Reading →

Mighty: Your Spotify Music Solution Without A Smartphone

Working out or being active with your smartphone can sometimes be a clunky experience regardless of all the accessories and cases on the market but how would you listen to your music on Spotify without one? Introducing Mighty! Continue Reading →

Product Review: ExoGear’s EcoCarbon Waterproof and Floatable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Summer time is fast approaching and it’s time to start gearing up for your vacations or summer events. The kind people at Ecoxgear recently sent me their floatable EcoCarbon water proof and shock proof Bluetooth speaker plus LED flashlight to review. Continue Reading →

Product Review: The New Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Last week Logitech gave me a demo of the new Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. Before the demo Logitech sent me one to test out. When I unboxed it I immediately noticed the sleek and sexy look of what may be the best looking presentation remote out there. Once you pick up Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote you will quickly notice how light weight it is and also how well it ergonomically fits in your hand. Continue Reading →

Misfit’s New Smartwatch – The VAPOR

This year at CES Misfit unveiled the VAPOR Smartwatch and they ended up winning 6 CES awards as a result. The VAPOR Smartwatch is the newest addition to Misfit’s product line. I have been a huge fan of Misfit since their very first launch so I do get excited when they launch a new product. Continue Reading →


One of many press releases I will be posting throughout the day and during CES. Stay tuned for more posts as my embargos for various products are lifted.

LAS VEGAS Home8, the premier video-verified alarm company offering event-video and direct emergency notification for prioritized response and utmost peace of mind, will showcase its ‘in-a-box systems’ at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Affordable and easily installed in minutes,  Home8 collaborative alarm system is more accurate and responsive than the traditional call center-based alarm service.  Powered by MivaTek’s advanced “system of smart IoT systems” platform, Home8 integrates video-verified Security, Safety, Surveillance/Alarm, Control/Automation, and Healthcare services, including video-integrated medication adherence, inactivity and activity alarm, and indoor/outdoor fall and panic alert assistance.  The MivaTek platform not only forms the foundation of an advanced video-verified collaborative monitoring alarm system, it also offers myriad end-user applications well beyond the scope of any traditional alarm service.

 Home8’s direct emergency notification capability, combined with video-verified evidence, guarantees prioritized responses from law enforcement, fire/rescue, or medical personnel for the utmost peace of mind.

The  Home8 system can be expanded in four ways: Users (such as family members, caregivers, law enforcement, etc.); Locations (such as vacation homes); Domain / Function (such as your business or automobile); and Devices.  What’s more, the system will accommodate devices based on multiple home control protocols, including Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth.  

Home8 capitalizes on two growing trends within the security industry: video verification and self-monitoring alarm systems.  “Years ago, we learned that a CMS call without

evidence receives a discretionary response because 98% of the calls are false alarms,” said Joe Liu, CEO of Home8.  “It motivated us to integrate sensors, IP cameras, storage, and hubs seamlessly into a virtual private network under one Unified-IoT™ cloud-app platform for mobile interactive, video-verified alarm, prioritized emergency response, and zero false alarm peace of mind protection.”

The self-monitoring trend has picked up steam in recent years.  In 2015, self-monitored systems comprised 2.3% of the market; research projections from Citi Research estimate that self-installed and monitored systems will control 34% of the market in five years.  A major advantage is cost: With self-monitoring the homeowner does not pay a monthly fee to a monitoring service, which can be anywhere from $20 – $100 per month.  What’s more, self-monitored systems bring greater control to the system owner, as he or she is now responsible for making the decision on whether to call law enforcement.

These “in-a-box,” plug-and-play alarm systems can be purchased from the Home8alarm store at


Powered by an advanced, IoT mobile cloud platform, Home8 is the leading video-verified, direct emergency notification for prioritized response alarm system.  Home8 integrates 100% wireless sensors, IP-cameras, and storage-hubs with mobile devices into a system of smart IoT systems to cover Security, Safety, Surveillance/Alarm, Control/Automation, and Healthcare services such as Medication Adherence, Activity/Inactivity Alarm, and Indoor/Outdoor Fall and Panic Alert.  Easily installed, expandable and affordable, Home8 captures crime-scene video evidence, and directs police notification for prioritized response while eliminating false alarms – far more efficient and responsive than call-center-based alarm service.  Free basic video-verified alarm service for the system owner, plus optional collaborative service upgrades, makes Home8 the smartest alarm system investment.  For more information, visit