Product Review: HELM Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones

While we are still social distancing we can still go outside for a walk or work out and what better way to enjoy nature than to listen to music with premium audio. HELM Audio, a British-American venture focused on audio innovation, sent us their Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones to review. With the longest battery life on the market, the HELM Sportsband has 25 hours of playtime featuring IPX5 waterproof technology.

The HELM Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones has audiophile sound quality featuring Qualcomm Bluetooth 5 with APTX HD low latency technology and AAC for the best immersive sound quality available for music, movies and gaming. Featuring true studio-quality sound, the Sportsband Triple Driver Technology captures every musical nuance, crisp highs, smooth mids, and deep bass.

HELM Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones Product Review:

When unboxing the HELM Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones you will find the Sportsband, a custom case and soft carrying case, micro USB cable, quick start guide, 3 extra-sized ear tips, and ear fins.

After unboxing, I charged the earphones via micro USB cable till the LED lights on the earpieces turned from red to blue indicating they were fully charged. After charging to turn on the Sportsband you press the “play” button located on the in-line controller. Once on you will hear “HELM on” and next “HELM Pairing.” The HELM logo located on the earpiece will blink red and blue indicating it’s ready to pair.

Since I have an iPhone, to pair all I had to do is make sure my Bluetooth was turned on and choose HELM Sportsband in settings. You will hear “connected” within the earphones to confirmed that the Sportsband paired.

The audio for these earphones is no joke, it’s phenomenal! Probably the best sound quality I’ve tested for wireless earphones let alone a Sportsband. When working out in downtown Austin I must have the audio on full blast to drown out all the noise and my music of choice is rap or rock so I was blown away on the deep bass! Also, a major plus was that they stayed in my ears and didn’t slip out even when I was running in the heat of the day.

Some of the features I love about the Sportsband is the magnetic earpieces and the ultra-lightweight sportsband which didn’t make me perspire behind my neck. Another great feature are the lighted earpieces, which when working out in the evening (like I occasionally do) helps you be seen in low light conditions. Living downtown and in Austin where people aren’t the best drivers this feature is key, I’ve almost been hit by a car on the regular.

The inline controller has enhanced mic for calls, controls for volume, track changes and voice assistant. I conducted a few phone calls with the earphones and my only complaint was it was too loud, even on the low volume. I love my volume maxed out while working out but not on a call however this is a minor complaint if even that.

Overall, these are the BEST earphones I have tested in a while and I believe they are the best on the market currently with its 25 hours of playtime. If you are looking for the perfect earphones to workout or travel with (when we can again) I would suggest checking out the HELM Sportsband HD Triple Driver Wireless Earphones.

They retail for $129.99 and can be purchased here:

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Source: HELM Audio