Suntable Solar Powered Table with JBL Speakers Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Suntable by ShadeCraft is an outdoor, solar powered table with wireless charging for your mobile device and high quality speakers with 360-degrees of sound by JBL. With less than a week into their Kickstarter campaign they have fully reached their goal but you can still take advantage of the Super Early Bird Reward and save 40%!

The Suntable uses its solar panels to easily charge your devices while you’re outdoors and also includes a built-in battery. It can fully charge its built-in battery in about four hours in the sun, or it can be charged before use via a charging port. With the Suntable, you can now charge your phone and speaker responsibly with the power of the sun

With Suntable’s built-in Bluetooth speakers you can wirelessly connect your phone and play your favorite music anytime with 360-degrees of sound. With its easy link function it also allows multiple Suntables to link to each other for broader audio range.

The JBL speakers are 20 watts and the features include:

  • Splash proof
  • Bluetooth
  • JBL Connect
  • Auto-Off Mode*

*Please note that the auto-off mode only pertains to the speakers. The inductive charger will continue to work even if the speakers are off.

Suntable can charge your portable devices such as phones, tablets, speakers and more both by wireless charging and a USB port for charging. It can also be used to charge devices and play music indoors via the external charger.

Since it’s an outdoor table it features a shaded area for your phone to sit conveniently as it charges and simultaneously plays music, preventing your devices from overheating. You can rotate the table to provide optimum shade for your phone while you’re enjoying time out in the sun.

The solar powered table is made to live outdoors for three seasons and can be easily stored inside during winter months. Its recommended storing the top portion indoors during winter months in regions that experience snow.

The Suntable Kickstarter early bird special is $299.00 at a 40% discount and will be shipping out in August of 2020. To contribute to the campaign visit:

About ShadeCraft

ShadeCraft is a technology and robotics company based in Pasadena, California. Its mission is to improve human life outdoors through industrial design, innovative technology and robotics. To learn more about ShadeCraft please visit:


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