VIWONE to Launch New Headphone Collection During Q1 of 2022

VIWONE, a global leader in high-performance audio accessories, showcased the innovative VIWONE wired and wireless headphones with rapper Fabolous as a brand ambassador during CES 2022. VIWONE’s new headphones collection ranges from 64GB (Pure + and Eternal) to 128GB (Rebel and Pure + Limited Edition in White) of internal memory to locally store hours of music.

From any computer, users can easily upload music to the headset using the included micro-USB charging cable. Additionally, users are able to explore the headset’s internal music library, create playlists, listen to over 30,000 international radio stations, and access popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music by downloading the VIWONE app available to IOS/Android users.

The headphones feature a lightweight over-ear stylish, comfortable silicone headband embedded with playback, mode, and power controls so users can control their music without their phone. The interchangeable, protein leather ear pads are expertly designed with shape memory foam to create a custom fit around your ears that offer total comfort and are available in four different colors.

VIWONE headphones are equipped with Bluetooth v4.2 multipoint system and also feature NFC Bluetooth capabilities for secure pairing to any smartphone. Music sharing is possible via the included cable and dual 3.5mm jack inputs located on each ear cup. Smartphone users are also able to monitor calls while listening to music thanks to VIWONE hands-free call management functionality that announces who’s calling to users so they can either accept or ignore calls.

Available in Matte Black and Matte Gold, the foldable wireless headset comes with a soft carrying pouch for protection and a tangle-free micro-USB fast-charging cable. VIWONE members also receive an exclusive VIWONE Authentication Card containing a unique serial number used to authenticate each headset on the mobile app.

With the app, users can share their music with up to 5 family members, and chat with them on the app regarding shared content. With the VIWONE app, users are able to follow, comment and interact with the content shared by their favorite artists.

The following VIWONE collection will all be available upon release:

  • PLAYER ($189) Wired headset available in Matte Black and Matte Gold
  • PURE ($278) Bluetooth only, available in Matte Black and Matte Gold
  • PURE + ($349) Available in Matte Black and Matte Gold, 64GB Internal Memory
  • PURE+ Limited Edition ($429) Available in White Matte, 128GB Internal Memory
  • REBEL ($479) Available in Chrome Gold, 128GB Internal Memory
  • ETERNAL ($990) Available in Gold Diamond and Black Diamond, 64GB Internal Memory

VIWONE products are expected to launch in Q1 2022 exclusively on To learn more about VIWONE visit


Source: VIWONE