Mixcder Launches its E9 Next Generation Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones at a Low Cost

Quality and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones are hard to come by even though there are so many brands out there. After nine years of writing for tech I have had my fair share of disappointing brands I’ve reviewed but there are a few inexpensive audio brands I’m a fan of. Today the next generation Mixcder E9 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Hi-Fi stereo headphones with deep bass and built-in microphone launched at a fraction of the price.

The newly announced Mixcder E9 features Mixcder’s Advanced ANC Chip V. 3 for Highest Noise Canceling Level With Superior Sound Quality. The Mixcder E9 features 30 Hours of Wireless Music or Up to 3 Days Wired Playtime with Included Audio Cable. The headphones have 40mm drivers for a powerful, wideband frequency from 20Hz-20,000Hz with an impactful bass, midrange and clear treble for sound up to 94 decibels and CSR Bluetooth.

Marketed for frequent travelors, the ANC technology continuously detects and reacts to outside noises, analyzing sound waves and blocking out ambient sound by creating inverse waves for a totally immersive experience for beautiful music and sound. The new airplane adapter included with the headphones allows users to immerse themselves in music without the distraction of a plane’s engine, crying babies, or other ambient noise.

New to the E9, the buttons are now bigger to allow larger hands to control volume, change music, and take phone calls. The E9 is also now lighter, weighing only 8.9 ounces with foldable rotating ear cups.

The Mixcder E9 Bluetooth ANC headphones are priced at $79.99 and are available immediately through Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HH9Q8ZL?pf_rd_p=c2945051-950f-485c-b4df-15aac5223b10&pf_rd_r=XB2WBFMR6YDH9XQ6XA8M or the Mixcder sales site at: https://mixcder.com/mixcder-e9-wireless-active-noise-cancelling-headphones-p0037.html. For more information, see the website: http://www.mixcder.com. For the full press release please visit: http://www.thomas-pr.com/mixcder/mixcdere9release.html.


Source: mixcder