DropLabs Launches Triple Black Edition of the EP 01 Audio Enabled Footwear

In a time where taking long walks, working out or stuck at home alone due to the pandemic, the need for new innovative audio and immersive technology is key to keep us sane. DropLabs, the first sonic-sensory footwear company, today announced the release of its Triple Black Edition, an update to its original EP 01 sneaker that includes enhanced audio controls and multicolor LEDs.

Droplabs patented technology, embedded in the midsole of the shoe, delivers audio, in stereo, from any connected device to your feet, creating full-body bass audio which simulates the energy of a live event and immerses you in music, movies, gaming, VR and more. 

DropLabs new EP 01 Triple Black and the Classic editions contain numerous system upgrades including dynamic tuning settings designed specifically for gaming, music and movies. The app upgrade also includes an in-app LED color wheel to adjust the hue of the lights embedded within the sneaker and some surprises in the form of “easter eggs.”  

How it works:

Triple Black Edition Footwear specs: 

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones using – Class 1 Bluetooth® 4.2
  • Compatible with iPhone (iOS 11 and later) and Android phones (Android 6 and later)
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Optional Low-Latency cable for gaming and music recording applications
  • Safe-detach Magnetic Charge Connectors
  • Water Resistant
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

The new DropLabs Triple Black Edition EP 01 are available for order on DropLabs website, and currently retail for $299.00.

About DropLabs

DropLabs is developing audio technology to enable the world to feel sound— from the ground up. DropLabs is based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, embedded in a community rooted in diversity and creativity. Proudly leading the charge as a female-led company, DropLabs is inspiring the tech industry’s next generation by leaning into exploration, innovation and inclusion. To learn more about DropLabs please visit: https://droplabs.com/.


Source: DropLabs