Galatea: Jewelry by Artist Launches on Shop LC LIVE

On August 16th, Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, known for its hand-sculpted pearls, Diamond In a Pearl and gem-enucleated Galatea Pearl jewelry, will debut LIVE on Shop LC. Since 1994, Chi Huynh, founder of Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, has created some of the world’s most exquisite jewelry collections that rely upon pearls and other gemstones that have been transformed by proprietary and patented processes available only from Galatea.

“Our Shop LC family loves us for the rare gemstones and unique products we offer,” says Amit Agarwal, Shop LC President. “And few things are more unique than exquisite pearls, expertly carved into precious jewelry! For these reasons, we’re proud to offer Galatea: Jewelry by Artist creations to our viewers.”

The Galatea Pearl is the world’s only cultured pearl with a brilliant colored stone center, hand carved to let the gem’s color shine through. The Galatea Pearl is truly rare, the result of a unique cutting process that begins with a bead nucleus of R.C. turquoise, synthetic opal and colored gems.

The bead nucleus is inserted into the oyster and the mollusk is gently placed back into the sea, where it will coat the bead with nacre (pearl) over 22 months. After harvesting, these rare cultured pearls are carved by hand. This sculpting of the pearl allows the color to be seen beneath the nacre. Galatea Pearls are then set into jewelry.

Several collections are launching during the Shop LC premiere, including Diamond in a Pearl, Carved Pearl Collection, Galatea Pearl Collection, DavinChi Cut Collection, and Bible Pearl Collection.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist will premiere on August 16, Noon to 4PM CT. Watch live at To look at more of Galatea: Jewelry by Artist please visit:

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Source: Shop LC, Galatea: Design by Artist