Blue Tiger Now Shipping World’s First Solar-Powered Headset

Blue Tiger, the manufacturer of over-the-head Bluetooth headsets and accessories is now shipping the world’s first solar-powered communications headset, Solare. The powerful Solare hands-free headset harvests light from any source, including indoor or outdoor, for continuous use and a virtually unlimited battery life.

The military-grade Bluetooth headset combines patented solar technology to convert any kind of light into energy for virtually unlimited use without recharging. The headset’s powerful 97% noise cancelation technology and high-quality speaker components are all powered by a flexible solar cell for a seamless driving and work communications experience. Solare continuously self-charges when exposed to indoor or outdoor light, eliminating the worry about battery life, so everyone can receive and transmit essential communications clearly.

Solare features patented Powerfoyle solar technology, a unique nano material innovation that transforms any outdoor and indoor natural or artificial light into clean, endless energy. Inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis to harvest light, Solare incorporates a thin, non-toxic, printed, flexible plastic solar cell with zero emissions production, durable for comfortable long-time use. The solar cell technology uses light from a wide variety of angles and works equally with indoor or outdoor light

Blue Tiger Solare Headset Features:

  • Military Grade: MIL-STD-810 for extreme environments and ruggedness.
  • Solar Technology: uses patented Powerfoyle solar cell technology.
  • No need to recharge: provides virtually unlimited use without the need to recharge.
  • Limitless talk time.
  • Noise canceling: 97% Noise cancelation for clear audio.
  • High-quality speaker components.
  • Flexible headband: durable, reliable, and seamlessly integrated — comfortable for long-time use.
  • Operating Temperatures: -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology:  with extended 300 ft. range.
  • Siri and Google Assistant compatible: for hands-free communication.
  • Water resistant to IPX4. 

The award-winning Solare is available now priced at $219.99 available at Amazon at: and Blue Tiger at:

About Blue Tiger:

Blue Tiger USA is a manufacturer of over-the-head Bluetooth headsets and accessories designed specifically for professionals. For more information, see the website at: and


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