Atari® Announces New Partnership With Antstream Arcade To Deliver Thousands Of Retro Games To The Atari VCS™ Video Computer System

In March of 2020 Atari®, the iconic consumer brand and interactive entertainment producer, returns to the living room with its newest modern gaming and video computer system, the Atari VCS™. Atari® has just announced a partnership with the retro gaming platform Antstream Arcade. This partnership brings an enhanced and exclusive “Atari Edition” of Antstream’s game streaming service to the upcoming Atari VCS™ home gaming and entertainment system. 

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Newest Atari VCS Industrial Design Changes for 2019 Production

After their presence at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the new AMD Ryzen chipset upgrade, Atari announced their latest Atari VCS structural improvements and feature adjustments. We put together the short version of their latest announcement of the Atari VCS update.

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The Sega Genesis May Make a Come Back in a Mini Version This Year

For the past couple years gaming consoles like Nintendo and Atari have been releasing or announcing mini versions of their old school products from back in the day. It looks like Sega wants to join in on the success with their rumored announcement of their Sega Mega Drive, called the Sega Genesis in the U.S. that will be released later this year. Continue Reading →

Atari Announces Re-branding of the Ataribox to Atari VCS at GDC 2018

The much awaited Ataribox by Atari that was set for pre-ordering in December 2017 has been rebranded. This week at Game Developers Conference (GDC) Atari® announced the “Atari VCS”, previously known as “Ataribox, as the official name of its new retro-inspired gaming and entertainment platform.” During GDC in San Francisco Atari shared prototypes of the Atari VCS, Classic Joystick and Modern Controller with press. They revealed the exclusive pre-order date for the Atari VCS will now be during the month of April 2018. Continue Reading →