Newest Atari VCS Industrial Design Changes for 2019 Production

After their presence at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the new AMD Ryzen chipset upgrade, Atari announced their latest Atari VCS structural improvements and feature adjustments. We put together the short version of their latest announcement of the Atari VCS update.

Atari VCS Dimensions Update:

The renders construction has been completely overhauled, and that unit dimensions have changed slightly through the engineering process. Below are the new dimensions for the Atari VCS.

  • Width: 12.3″
  • Depth: 5.9″
  • Height: 2.0″

Atari VCS Housing Update:

The newly-updated 2019 Atari VCS construction simplifies the case components to four primary pieces: a top housing, a bottom housing, and front & back panels. This construction is stronger, uses far less material which reduces plastic waste, and has shorter and more-precise assembly times. In addition, it gains the additional benefit of more volume inside the actual “box” for components and thermal management. The updated construction retains the wood fascia insert for the Collector’s Edition and black insert for the Onyx model.

Atari VCS “Floating Effect” Design Update:

The aspect of the updated design is a revised silhouette that now elevates the VCS main body to create more of a “floating effect,” while also delivering some other very important improvements. The new “floating” body concept easily-enabled the moving of two of the four USB 3.0 ports to the front of the VCS. This reconfiguration lets users easily connect a USB thumb drive or input devices, like controllers, mice and keyboards to the front of the VCS instead of using the rear connectors.

Atari VCS Collector’s Edition with Front-Facing USB Ports:

Will now have two convenient USB 3.0 accessory ports on the front, the two back ports remain free for external hard drives and other less frequently accessed hookups.

Rear SD Slot Removed:

Standard USB A storage devices are universal, and the decision to exclude the SD card port is in alignment with most modern consoles, which have 3 or 4 USB ports and should be sufficient for everyone’s storage needs.

White Fuji logo on the Onyx and Indicator Lights:

The original motivation for the red Fuji logo on VCS Onyx was simply cosmetic. Now, all Atari logos across all Atari VCS models will be illuminated in white light. This also extends to the Atari logos on joysticks and controllers so that everything is consistent across all VCS hardware and accessories.

The white Fuji indicator light will be used for a number of core Atari VCS communication messages about power, accessory pairing, internet connectivity, etc., which will be delivered via different patterns of blinking, pulsing and flashing, similar to the behaviors of other modern consoles. The new model adjustments combine the Fuji indicator light with a series of on-screen indicators to communicate accessory connections, player count, battery life and other messages.

As of now all Atari VCS products are on the same timeline for the site preorders, Indiegogo and Backerlit orders. Joysticks, Controllers and VCS systems ordered through the Indiegogo campaign and Backerkit platform will all ship to backers on the same schedule, regardless of whether they are standalone units or part of a bundle. This also applies to the rollout of retail product what it happens.

Cross your fingers for the launch of the Atari VCS by end of year, there doesn’t seem to be a definite ship date for retail customers. For more information about the Atari VCS or to preorder it please visit:



Pictorial Source: These renders are stand-ins for the newest Atari VCS pre-production units.