AMD’s President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su Joins IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Romet For CES 2019 Keynote

It’s an exciting week for AMD and women as AMD‘s Dr. Su joins IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty as confirmed keynote speakers at CES 2019. AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, will deliver a keynote address at CES 2019 which will, I believe, to be one of the first Keynotes at CES for AMD in a very long time if any.

IBM will open CES with president and CEO, Ginni Rometty. Rometty will share her outlook for how technology built on a foundation of responsibility and trust that will significantly improve how businesses operate and people work and live. Ginni Rometty will discuss how technologies such as AI and quantum, when built on a foundation of trust and transparency, will drastically change business and society for the better.

AMD’s president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will provide a view into the diverse applications for new computing technologies ranging from solving some of the world’s toughest challenges to the future of gaming, entertainment and virtual reality with the potential to redefine modern life. AMD is catapulting computing, gaming, and visualization technologies forward with the world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs, providing the power required to reach technology’s next horizon.

Both IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty and AMD President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lisa Su will paint a picture of the next-generation of computing that will help redefine the future of gaming and virtual entertainment during their CES keynotes.

CES is January 8th through the 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada that showcases various new technology and lifestyle consumer products for those within the industry. During CES huge companies like Samsung, IBM, Dell, and HP will showcase their newest products while in Eureka Park of CES attendees will see innovative technology and products from start-ups doing crowd funding.

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Source: CES, CTA