The LumiCharge II AIO LED Lamp & Phone Charger Launches on Indiegogo

LumiCharge, the smart desk lamp brand, just launched their new LumiCharge II AIO LED Lamp & Phone Charger on IndieGogo. The LumiCharge II is a multifunctional LED desk lamp that housesLumiCharge’s patented Universal Phone Charging Dock & also includes Qi fast wireless charger, calendar display, motion sensing nightlight and more features listed below.

  • Universal phone charging dock
  • Wireless charging surface
  • Extra USB port
  • Multiple levels of lighting and 3 LED light colors
  • Full calendar display with programmed daylight savings
  • Dimmable display with multiple alarms
  • Motion sensor night light

The LumiCharge II is said to be the “swiss army knife” of smart desk lamps, it accompanies more smart devices than ever along with LED upgrades. The LumiCharge II is equipped to handle all types of smart phones, smart devices and now smart watches as well.

The LumiCharge II’s design is now more flexible with the ability to adjust and rotate further before for more efficient lighting. The LED display shows time, date, day of the week, and temperature.

LumiCharge II’s built-in universal charging dock works with Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB and it also has an optional smartwatch charging attachment. It comes in white, black and silver colors to blend in with home or office décor.

The LumiCharge II launched on Indiegogo with a 10,000 flexible goal to be accomplished in 31 days. Currently the LumiCharge II has an Early Bird Special at $79 USD which is 50% OFF and includes 1 x LumiCharge II with an estimated shipping date time frame of June 2019. The early bird special is for a limited time and after that it goes up $99.00. To back their campaign please visit:

I will be getting a LumiCharge II to review so please keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic for the product review. To learn more about LumiCharge please visit:


Source:, Indiegogo