FNDN™ Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the World’s First Heated LED Illuminated Jacket

With the goals of making the BEST heated athletic jackets for men and women, FNDN™ announces their Indiegogo Campaign for the World’s First Rechargeable Heated Jacket that includes integrated LED lights for visibility and built-in heated gloves. Given what is going on at Mount Everest right now with the “traffic jam” and all those poor people stuck up there these jackets could come in handy!

FNDN™ Heated LED Illuminated Jacket not only provides an adjustable level of heated comfort, but also lights up, illuminating our customers so they can safely enjoy outdoor activities. The water-resistant jacket has built-in gloves that also heat up, and can even charge your cell phone in a pinch.

Per FNDN™ they sought to create a heated LED Illuminated Jacket that not only looked and fit good, but that were made from a high-end water resistant material that was lightweight, breathable and stretched. Also one of their “wish list” features was built-in, hidden heated gloves for those cold morning starts.  Their goal was to make the gloves easy to tuck away when not in use but to always be there in a pinch if needed.

To further their safety efforts FNDN™ added wearable lights to the jackets with a battery already integrated into the jackets. 

Currently you can get the 1X SUPER EARLYBIRD LED JACKET at $149 USD $250 (40% OFF) with their Indiegogo campaign. This saves you $101 off future retail price ($249.99). It will get one Heated LED Athletic Jacket in any color, size and style. Please note, a limited number of Early Bird rewards are available and estimated shipping is September 2019.

Hopefully they will send us one to review in the future! To back their Indiegogo campaign please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-s-first-heated-led-illuminated-jacket#/.


Source: FNDN™ , Indiegogo